23 definitions by Dr. Uncle Fucker Crapper John M.D.

A sweet old rich bitch I would like to screw and get money from.
I had sex with Martha Stewart and now I have access to the petty cash.
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The investment you make betting that your worth more dead than alive. Upon death your investment usually results in your family getting rich.
John was a loser not worth a crap to his family, then he died and the life insurance made then filthy stinking rich.
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1.) a person who practices masturbation on a regular basis.
2.) One who regularlly excites one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse.
Uncle Fucker, the masturbator from Decatur, masturbates every day when he sees Kelly Ripa on TV.
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A restaurant with good tasting food, but unfortunatly prepeared by underpaid teenagers, or adult losers who don't care about anything so that they might add special McBodily fluid, or McGerm additions to your food.
Boy this Mcdonalds cheeseburger is good tasting, but I can't help but think I shouldn't be eating this since a greasy pimple faced kid made this. If only they would use McRobots instead.
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Those who love to move to a new home every 6 months and then expect their friends to help them move every time using their vehicles.
Joe and Mary, who are movementarians, love to move every 6 months and then we must break our backs and use our cars. They can't even spring for a $80 moving truck. We break our backs and get the privilage to be their friends. Oh how ever would they get along without their friends.
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A cereal that claims it is kid tested, and mother approved. It may very well be mother approved, but you will notice they only say it is kid tested, but not approved. Perhaps because it isn't! Any normal kid thinks it tastes like crap!
Little Jimmy passes up all the other sweet cereals for plain Kix..only because he is in a commmercial and being paid big money!
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The cheif or second in command of all faggots or gays in ones own domain or sphere of influence. Usually quite skilled at ass fucking and cock sucking. May also have the voice of a little girly boy.
Percy Jetter was a dainty little faggot captain who enjoyed ruling over his queer peers.
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