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An absolute cunt who was a disgrace to the people and the workers. An enemy of the Irish and the Argentines, someone who’s death was an absolute relief. Led the UK for 11 years too many.
Guy: I think Margaret Thatcher was a great leader
Anyone with common sense: Shoots the guy
by Irish_LeftWing March 01, 2019
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The longest serving Prime Minister from 1979-1990 and first and as of 2006, the only female Prime Minister of United Kingdom. As well as the Leader of the Conservative party.

The British's opinion on Thatcher is very divided and split into two camps; those who hate her and those who admire her. The deep divisions continues to this very day, the view of Thatcher from one side is that she was responsible for the fall of the Trade Unions in the UK, and exhibited ruthless behaviour towards the miners and other blue-collar workers. However, those on the opposing side of the debate believe that Thatcher brought Britain back up from it's knees when it was facing a major financial crisis pre-1979 due to the aftermath of WW2 and the creation of the Welfare State in 1948.

Eventually after a decade in power, in 1990, mainly due to the public backlash of the Poll Tax, Thatcher was forced out of government by her own cabinet members and was succeeded by John Major.

It is likely that the British will a strong opinion on Thatcher for a long time yet, as demonstrated in some of defintions left by other users.
Margaret Thatcher is like marmite - you either love her or hate her.
by Sir Joe March 09, 2007
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Evil Emperess of Britain between 1979 - 1990. Eventually thrown down a mine shaft by Darth Heseltine in a leadership contest.
"Your overconfidence is your weakness"
"Your faith in your friends is yours"

"You have done well Lord Lamont. Soon the strikers will be crushed"

"Wipe them out all of them" (Socialists)
by Nolan February 18, 2005
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Empress of the new right, idol of the conservative partyand daily mail readers everywhere. Famous for beating the hell out of Argentina when they tried to take back the Falklands (the falkwhat? - exactly) - a teeny bunch of islands off the south cost of Argentina that nobody had ever heard of.

Responsible for the miners strikes of the 80s, 'black wednesday', the poll tax and making council houses available to be bought by their occupants.

She famously said "This ladys not for turning" over the poll tax. The old dear was eventually made to shut the hell up and remove the tax that was massively unpopular.

The old Iron Lady did not do much for feminism. You finally get a woman in charge and she messes everything up. Ta very much Mags!

Looks strangely like Noel Edmonds when a beard is drawn on her
Margaret Thatcher: "The peasants are revolting. Jeeves, send out the police to batter them senseless"
by Boylio March 12, 2006
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Former Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Synonyms: bitch, conservative, evil, failure, warmonger, nazi
Antonyms: sensible, liberal, decent, success, peace, prosperity
Sheep farming in the Falklands, re-arming in the fucklands
Fucking sheep in the homelands, her majesty's forces are coming

The song "Sheep Farming in the Falklands" by Crass is about the Falklands War, and how Margaret Thatcher is a warmongering bitch.
by streetlightmanifesto28 August 25, 2009
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