(Noun) A figure, symbol or idol despised by a certain people.
The american flag was burned in effigy by the terrorists.
by Chuckie-J January 16, 2005
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A method of communication sending a cardboard cutout of the self and leaving it in front of another's door. Most common use is to invite a girl to a formal. Sometimes in this case the effigy is accompanied by a rose.
Pierre: I really want to go with Natasha to the formal.
Sonya: You should effigy her!
by rµ(h1r4 December 8, 2010
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(noun) Eastern Washington slang used in reference to a person who is disliked for being really fake or two-faced.

often times, people who qualify as effigies put on a false act that they are really nice or caring, but if you get to know them better or under different circumstances you find out that they're actually extremely rude or uninspiring; completely different than the original image they give. They're not true to who they really are when they're around other people, and will change how they act according to who they're with at any given time.
Girl A: Agh! I HATE that girl! she is so annoying! she's always acting super nice around Nick and Jake, but then, when they're not here, she is a total BWITCH to everyone else!!
Girl B: Omgosh! i knooww! she is such an EFFIGY!!
Girl A: Legit!
by eureka.chica January 20, 2010
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referring to getting "effed" a representation of getting screwed over
"That modern political theory test was the effigy."

*someone gets screwed over/hurt tremendously*
by Thechillsauce March 11, 2009
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A big lesbian sex party that usually takes place in winter.
by Jeff5362874 October 7, 2020
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Metal band from Orlando, Florida. These guys formed in 2010, and haven't recorded ANYTHING until 2012. They, along with all of their fans, agree that they suck, yet they're still around and people (like me) still go to their shows for no good reason.
" hey you know that band An Effigy Distorted?"
" yeah i went to their last show, they sucked, can't wait for the next one!"
by hoodlemaster January 19, 2012
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1) Someone or something that is hard to describe, pin point, or label.

2) Indie clothing label for men and women.
1) "I really like their music, but you can't really catagorize them...they're a total effin effigy."

2) "Yo I got this crazy hoodie from Effin Effigy. Their stuff is TOO dope."
by Bozena October 31, 2007
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