An extremely sexy and hot male specimen. Good for everything. And that means everything. Very tappable and an incredible video game player
Lamont Blankly
by flameyou1 December 28, 2013
A spelling mistake for the word lmao
Bob: “Yo that was a crazy class today.”
Jim: “Lamont I know I couldn’t stop laughing.”
Bob: “What.”
by LiquidyLemons March 12, 2021
A really cool dude with a great taste in shoes. Really good with the ladies when it comes down to it
Get yous a Lamont.
by Savvvvysav November 8, 2016
A guy who is sexy asl and who has a very big heart who is also bipolar and he has a really big dick
by 2k19 September 27, 2018
Nice body and sexy species. That's good with the ladies .has a nice taste in shoes
by Kingdrippy April 8, 2017
A bullshit "dummy" invoice given to customers to swindle money.
Derived from the 70's tv show Sanford & Son, the son, Lamont Sanford. His father would call him a dummy. "You dummy Lamont you dummy!"

Hey DK we need a Lamont, yesterday.
by Lagerhead01 October 16, 2009
Lamont is an owl which was bred in the streets of Florida.From a juvenile state Lamont was heavily involved in the drug trafficking of Florida.Lamont is also known for his history of violence including attacks on random civilians.He has many connections with different international cartels and there has been reports of lamont involved with the slave trade.Lamont has over 143 criminal convictions and his whereabouts are still unknown.He was said to be last seen in a nursing home just on the outskirts of Orlando. If anyone has any information on Lamont please let us know
Lamont is on the shingles
by Sterling Prohegurtus April 25, 2022