An extremely sexy and hot male specimen. Good for everything. And that means everything. Very tappable and an incredible video game player
Lamont Blankly
by flameyou1 December 28, 2013
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A spelling mistake for the word lmao
Bob: “Yo that was a crazy class today.”
Jim: “Lamont I know I couldn’t stop laughing.”
Bob: “What.”
by LiquidyLemons March 12, 2021
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A really cool dude with a great taste in shoes. Really good with the ladies when it comes down to it
Get yous a Lamont.
by Savvvvysav November 8, 2016
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Lamont is a devious handsome young man. He’s Always on demon time and is also a rizz god. Legend says Lamont is also the one that they call Milkdud.
Lamont was doing what he always do today.
by MRK14 November 29, 2021
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He “seems” to be a lot of things.

I can only confirm he has an old maid fetish.
A: “Something is holding me back from saying Lamont was lovebombing.”

B: “Ugh, what makes you say that?”

A: “He doesn’t talk to anyone… do you really think he gets a mystical ego boost from playing this random girl? Who else?”

B: “Hmm, I never thought to apply logic to the situation.”
by RiddleThis December 15, 2022
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A guy who is sexy asl and who has a very big heart who is also bipolar and he has a really big dick
by 2k19 September 27, 2018
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Nice body and sexy species. That's good with the ladies .has a nice taste in shoes
by Kingdrippy April 8, 2017
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