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British islands in the South Pacific, populated by British citizens who vote unanimously time after time to remain British citizens. The Falkland Islands were attacked by Argentine in the 1982, but were routed by British forces and ended up surrendering the entire place in a huge act of cowardice. Despite the fact that the Islands are only 300 miles from the Argentine mainland, and thousands of miles from Britain, the Argentines have been too cowardly to attack again, after their humiliating defeat.
People living in the Falklands piss in the ocean and it washes up on the Argentine sea shore.
by Toshwailer April 03, 2008
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really small islands next to the coast of argentina. Called Malvinas by the argentine people. During the 80s a war broke out.. and the argentinians.. poorly armed.. just with k98 nazi rifles.. got their asses kicked... and they surrended.. but it was a really stupid war.. for just to fuken islands where it is really fucken cold
I went to the falklands, and it was really fucken cold
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A set of crappy rocks where no-one lives - but they're OUR crappy rocks where no-one lives, and those Argie bastards aren't getting them.
The Falklands are BRITISH!
by britishpatriotβ•™ March 20, 2010
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British Islands in the South Atlantic.

Sometmes erroneously called Malvinas by poorly educated people who can't speak english and know little of history.
by Austin Morris January 11, 2004
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One of the most awsome towns in the WORLD!!
Located in fife, scotland(wooo!!!)
Guy :Where do you live?
Awsome Guy :Falkland!
Guy :WOOOO!!! * gets down on knees and grovels*
by Kelzaronio February 10, 2009
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