(1) ruler who has unlimited power over other people, and uses it unfairly and cruelly

also see wordbush/bush
Tamir, one of several sons of the exiled ruler, vowed he would liberate his country from the tyrant.
by vark April 6, 2003
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A sister who trys to empower you everyday to show you whos the boss of the entire house by making you feel bad even when you try to not piss her off and have done nothing wrong, she still manages to pull you down
Example 1:
Me: Using the home computer...
Tyrant: Can I use the computer?
Me: Yup
Alternate answer
Me: No
Tyrant: Slaps you hard on the back, you fucking bitch!
Example 2:
Me: On the bus and receives a call
Tyrant: Why didn't you wait for me?
Me: We said bye on the phone how did I know I was suppose to wait for you?
Tyrant: Hangs up, ignores you at home for the whole day..
All true stories, Ugh I can't stand her anymore..
by Kindperson December 28, 2009
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Another name in online gaming for an Admin, or server owner, who

1. utilizes a lot of rules in which the players may not even have control over.

2. messes with the settings on games, especially ones like Counter strike, which is quick to become chaotic under the rule of such an admin, so the game becomes unbalanced.

3. kicks players excessively, sometimes with little or no provokation
1. ADMINtyrant: OMG NO SP@WN Ki11ing!
Player1: but he was shooting at me!
tyrant: Shut ^ N00B!
(ADMINtyrant) killed player1
Player1 kicked

2.Gravity is now -1000, (a few seconds pass) gravity is now 1000
Player1 died
mingebag died
supersnype died
Halopwns died
Stubbs1952 died
Counter terrorists win

3. Mingebag joined
Mingebag: hello everyo-
Mingebag kicked by server
by Stubbs1952 July 6, 2006
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An awful counter-strike player who takes after his own name. He simply rushes out no matter what the situation is and eventually dies because he is retarded.
It's a 5v2 and tyrant feels the need to push, he throws two flashes over the wall and runs out so fast that it flashes himself but still he somehow gets flashed and gets 1peaced by a calo noob.
by Junglemanters July 19, 2007
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the best judas priest song ever..period
man, i told my friend to listen to tyrans and his face exploded it was so pure goodness
by chris galski March 23, 2004
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Any person or thing that causes annoyance.
You are such a tyrant; you took the last piece of cake.
by Catherine Hamilton July 11, 2008
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Donald Trump is a tyrant who's trying to rid the US of Mexicans
by Dubiks January 31, 2019
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