To describe something that you either love or hate. Comes from the Marmite slogan itself.
"A Clockwork Orange is a marmite film" or "Hoodys are a bit marmite"
by Rogue Dweller April 10, 2005
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Something to spread on toast when theres no nutella left.
Either love it or hate it - in the words of the Marmite people themselves.
by Lolli Queen September 6, 2005
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Insignificantly better than Vegemite, but still better.
Marmite was all I used to eat when I was a youngin'.
by Bastardized Bottomburp November 17, 2003
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Highly concentrated bodily fluid found between the cheeks of your arse. Collected by duvet goblins in the night and stored in jars and sold internationally as 'the growing up spread'. My mum made me eat it.
The slack trousered plumber bent hard over to shut the stop cock and the room was filled with the pungent aroma of his marmite.
by Wanus Fool the First October 14, 2003
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clearly defied in ealier postings...

However it must be added that as an alternative to the traditional recipie:

1 part bread (cooked till golden Brown)
1 part butter (spread quickly so as to melt nicely)
1 part Marmite (spread to taste)

is the slightly more refinded:

1 part Jacobs water cracker
1 part Marmite
garnished with thinly sliced cucumber

Try it... heavenly...
- Would you like some Marmite and cucumber on crackers?
- Fuck yeah! Christmas has come early!
by KazzieP May 20, 2005
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1. Food made from yeast extract with black, gooey texture. Very nice.

2. Counter-strike player: |<7|S>|-=MaRMiTe=-
by Steve "MaRMiTe" Goldberg March 11, 2003
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An evil substance which has already taken over the minds of many people
"Oh God no! The Marmite is coming for us!"

"Marmite ... it gets you in your lunch."
by Slayer April 7, 2003
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