CHEATER. Especially those that abuse their authority. As in fucker (suggests extreme). Low life, un-trustworthy idiot.
The Government in Alberta is over-run with fuckers. Phoney fuckers that lie, cheat, and steal. Fuckers that violate the Law and Charter Of Rights versus the average Canadian Citizen.
by White Knight. April 5, 2009
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The one who does the actual fucking.

As opposed to the fuckee, who is the one getting fucked.
Although Jim was usually the one who got fucked, today he was the fucker.
by Tag Greenburger March 11, 2004
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1. One who fucks (has sexual)
2. Insult that has lost most of its meaning.
3. General term for a person.
1. That fucker gets a lot of ass.
2. Imma kill that fucker.
3. Oh, that fucker..
by Paul Wall. May 10, 2003
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Someone that is acting like an ass. Someone that is being annoying or did something stupid but mean, like a prank.
(After someone throws a penny at you) You lil fucker.
by buck March 9, 2003
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A complete asswipe with no reason to live
You cock suckin, titty suckin, asshole of a dick lickin, peter puffin, ball licker, anal fuckin, cranberry asshole of a shit eatin fucker, Go to fuckin hell, bi-otch
by joe January 26, 2004
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A fucker is one who is an expert in the field of fuckery. They are self absorbed, immature, selfish and deserve to have another fucker fuck them over. Fucking fuckers.
1.)Ryan Leroux
2.)Ken Robertson

1.)Holy fuck, I hate that fucker.
2.)That fucker phoned last night for a booty call.
by smokesandcookies November 8, 2010
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