Pussy ass Bitch- someone weak, that's a sorry bitch
Fuck you, you cunt bitch!
by Sel G August 26, 2008
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any girl that loves sucking that glass dick is a cunt bitch.
My girl said she don't like sucking my balls until i gave her D-rugs... Now that cunt bitch said that she loves sucking balls....
by shydogg23 durock January 29, 2015
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A cunt that is also a bitch
My exwife is a cunt bitch she gives it to every one but me
by loudmouth4070 May 18, 2015
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A woman from Pensacola who is very promiscuous.

Also known as "CB" which is short for Cunt Bitch
Damn that Alice, she is a cunt bitch!
by JJeremy December 21, 2006
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A word used to describe what you will do to someones face later. Usually consists in yelling or physically abusing. One may only use this word if you really want to fuck someones day up.
I will cunt-bitch you gurl, oh yes I will gurl, yes I will.
by Skysten November 26, 2011
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a word that comes out at random when you're random and really weird and/or making a funny youtube video and it slips out lmao. aka my best friend when he hit me when we were making a random video.
cunt bitch is someone you really hate.....or a friend thats cool enough to mess around with like that and call names =. Example: making a random YouTube video and your best friend hits you and you say "ouch you cunt bitch!" lmao
by xXBeckyxThexRIOTXx April 24, 2009
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Cunt-bitch is an all-purpose compound word used when neither word individially grasps the real level of cuntery or bitcholedness in a particular situation. (See suggested accompanying expression included.)

CTBH is best used as textspeak or the "clean" way to call someone a cunt-bitch online without sounding offensive or aggressive.
Uses can include:

He's such a cunt-bitch.
Don't be a cunt-bitch.
Wow, you're the biggest cunt-bitch I've ever known.
Yeah, whatever cunt-bitch.
(Sotto voce) Cunt-bitch.

Variations: Cunt-bitchery, Cunt-bitching, and cunt-bitchedness.

cuntery bitcholedness
by Allovya_Klozzoph September 15, 2017
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