a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition running throughout PCR because we're just THAT great!!!!
Prosperity is the word to describe this term.
As said by Jackson
by Regional Giz August 28, 2010
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A boy with a lovely smile who is a bit of a player but lowkey gets all the girls. He knows how to make the girl he wants to fall in love with him but might take her for granted when she does. Very good kisser and will satisfy you very well although he’s a bit stuck in his ways.
‘He broke my heart!’
‘Oh, he mustve been a Prosper’
by Claw387 November 2, 2019
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To make steady progress; Succeed; Thrive
"Everybody wants to prosper..."
by 26livinvillen November 7, 2017
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A very cute, funny boy that sometimes need to look at the girl right in front of him
I wish he was a prosper.
by ks.wavvy January 25, 2015
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1. A blockchain technology for financial trading, developed by the company Algo-Share.

2. A socio-economic philosophy and theory proposed in a book of the same name, from the year 2020. Prosperism is a type of Capitalism in which minor limitations of wealth, in tandem with less government intervention and regulation, shift the social dynamic between human beings in a given society, for the better. Prosperism bears some similarities to Economic Limitarianism.
Earl explained to his friend Tom about Prosperism - a form of Capitalism less radical and more benevolent than Neo-Liberal Economics.

Prosperism is a socio-economic theory which does not identify with any pre-existing political or economic model.

Joshua mistook Prosperism as a type of Socialism, but quickly realized that this was far from being true.
by KarlBlue December 12, 2020
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To make do with what you have; Settle for less but make the most of it.
Often used in twitter tweets to one another or whatever form of social media communication.
Person A: Posts a pic with hot girl
Person B: Kik?
Person A: Naw but prosper with this pic tho

Person C: I heard you broke up with Insert female
Person D: Yea I'm at a loss right now
Person C: Just chill bruh, bet Insert Female Best Friend likes you. Just prosper with her.
by Danny Bravo August 20, 2015
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one of the most delicious dark chocolate flavours around, inside and out. completley fills your insides with delight. and goes great with cream pies.
i had prosper last night, and ive been satifieed ever since !
by bdawwgg February 21, 2009
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