the process of being fist fucked by a filthy old man (preferably tramp like)
that guy will give you ultimate devistation tonight.
by Spiderwebo July 18, 2003
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Devastator Brand Supply Co. Aka Devastator is a graffiti product based company from Rochester,NY that manufactures graffiti tools and "gutter accessories". They also have a podcast titled " Limited Trust: A Devastator Podcast "
Yo, you seen Devastator just dropped some new colors and scribes ?
Nah but I'm listening to the new episode of Limited Trust: A Devastator Podcast right now.
by Devastator Brand December 19, 2022
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1. The state of being totally owned, as in a sport or video game.

2. Destroyed

3. Impacted heavily in terms of emotion or mental state.
1. Ohhh, you got devastated!

2. "Ohhh, NYC got devastated!" -Osama Bin Laden

3. Susy was devastated when I murdered her cat with a chainsaw.
by Eric December 2, 2003
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To find something incredibly devastating. A shortened version of devastating but worse.
That song Slow Down by Wayne is SO devast.
This film is devast.
I love looking for devast songs.
by appelykisses October 14, 2007
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A natural disaster has been known to devastate any area where it occurs.
by Okey2 September 28, 2008
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