What makes Britain "Great" exactly? Do they mean great as in big? Because Britain's certainly not big, so it must mean great as in amazing? With all the pandering to weak snowflakes, utter hypocrisy of the law/police, and similar bullshit, i would beg to differ.

Come visit "Great" Britain:

If you want no freedom of speech. Where even Ricky Gervais is allowed to openly accuse Hollywood celebs, while thinly disguising his accusations as "jokes". Jeremy Clarkson was allowed to get away with certain comments, as was David Walliams who insulted people of Britain's Got Talent using foul language, those who hold a high status are allowed to get away with stuff common folk aren't.

if you want expensive apartments made with cheap crap that catch fire easily.

if you want to be arrested for offending somebody over petty shit online via the law called Malicious Communications. Yet people from other countries, via social media, games etc, are freely
allowed to verbally abuse you, say things back and you get treated like a criminal by the pathetic clown police.

If you are sexually assaulted by a female, the police will do nothing, just like what happened with the football stadium incident, a male would be jailed. More double standards like those sentenced for sharing photos of a murder scene, yet Britain had servers hosting disgusting content from Live Leak and Ogrish. Live Leak also had tons of comments of people making fun of those who committed suicide.
Brian: Wow, that's a lot of bullshit from one country. How can people really call it Great Britain?

Me: But there's much more! Don't visit "Great" Britain if..

if you want to see homeless actual British people starving on the streets with their pets, while illegal foreigners continue to pour in and are offered free homing, food and hotels.
People wonder why racism is on the rise, but don't forget, the law is sexist against men, and just like that white men have to suffer, other races can do no wrong. Just like Khan does nothing about knife fest London.

Don't visit "Great" Britain's news sites if you like to be cut off from commenting on certain articles in case your words hurt some sensitive person's feelings.

Don't teach your pet pug to do a Nazi salute on YouTube as a joke, or face arrest of the authoritarian kind.

Don't moon a speed camera or be arrested and wrestled to the floor by the big bad police for "indecent exposure" but you're allowed to see naked butts on even kids cartoons.
The police are heroes! They saved us from a drive by mooning maniac! Luckily, Banksy did a nice mural showing the true nature of the police in this instance, also featuring Bart Simpson.

A country of control, a country for cry babies.

Fix Backwards Britain!
by Fight 4 Freedom January 10, 2023
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nice little island where you can get free healthcare, good football, good tv and marks and spencers.
by Anonymous October 4, 2003
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An often misused term. Great Britain in the geographical sense refers to the largest of the 800+ islands that make up the British Isles.

In the political sense it refers to the union between Engalnd Scotland and Wales, and the central government of the same. (Add Northern Ireland into the equation and you get The United Kingdom)
Most people in Britain refer to themselves as English, Scottish or Welsh, Not British.
by black flag May 29, 2004
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A small group of islands north of Europe from which the modern world was born, without which America would be called 'The United States of Spain.'

Don't bother arguing to the contrary, 'cause you know Britain has more soul.
Alan: How can such a small island do so much for the modern world?
Geoff: It's 'cos they're British!
Alan: roflmao!!!!!111 oh yea!
by Blitz-Matt February 2, 2004
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Great Britain is a European country consisting of 4 constituent countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The capital city is London (England). Great Britain also has 14 overseas territories and several dependencies.

Great Britain is a G8 country with one of the top 5 economies in the world. 4 of the top 10 (including the best) of the world's universities are located there (rankings; 2010). Great Britain came 4th in the Beijing Olympics.

Great Britain is a nuclear-armed superpower and one of the most tolerant countries in the world. Great Britain is responsible for penicillin, vaccinations, emancipation (Slavery was banned in England in 1772, and Great Britain in 1807), the English language, many world sports, basic human rights (the right to life, for instance, was first enshrined in the Magna Charta in 1215), trains, jet planes, modern armies, the computer, the internet, the phone, the television, and the first broadcasting services to go with it. Great Britain was also the only Allied country to fight from the beginning of World War II until the end, on all continents, against all odds.

Great Britain has a population of around 60 million. Around 92% of these are ethnically British (2002). The main language is English; minority languages include Welsh, Gaelic, Irish, Cornish, Scots and Ulster Scots.
Great Britain has fought mainly alone against overpowering forces of evil in World War II and against Napoleon, emerging victorious both times.

Great Britain has produced literally hundreds of cultural figures ranging from Shakespeare to the Beatles to Churchill.

Great Britain has numerous natural resources such as Oil and Gas (located primarily in Scotland and England) coal (Wales) and much more.

Great Britain is universally renowned to possess the most highly trained soldiers in the world, such as the SAS.
by delondres September 28, 2010
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A cool little country that pwns all
Great Britain aka UK aka (by some Americans) England (i aint saying england aint a pretty sweet place but the country i live in is Britain so lets call it that)
by Dan111 May 22, 2007
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Great Britain is a collective nation consisting of four smaller countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Britain is the country that began the modern era and gave birth, during its colonial years, to many other ex-colonial countries including Australia, The United States, and Canada. Britain has immense political power for its size, and is also a major military power.
Britain also has great history, great healthcare and also the greatest education system in the world with world famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.
One thing that is forgotten by many American wankers is that they are, in effect, British. Great Britain has made one major blunder. Britain allowed America to create itself. The world's largest and best-trained military power was defeated by cowards, aided by Frenchmen. The fighting of two wars at once caused Britain to devote men to murder France, whilst the Americans snuck victories in the colony.
To those Americans who hate us British, you probably hate the French too. You Americans are either descended from honest British men, traitorous British men aided by Frenchmen, or you are yourself descended directly from a Frenchman. So you can stop poncing about calling everyone who doesn't live in your shitty 200 year old country full of non-native a 'fag' in your fucking stupid accents, and just accept that we are at very least your equals.
American: Hey, ur a British douchebag!!!1!!onehundredandeleven!!!1
British bloke: Stop making such an idiot of yourself. Great Britain and America are old allies and we should respect eachother.

by !!!!eleven!!!111!1111 June 12, 2007
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