Having the resemblance of a screwed up and winkley sack (a.k.a scrotum)

Yes hun it is pretty wizened but please hold it when you do that.
by Dacid July 17, 2008
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When you stay in the bath so long that your testicles become the size of a raisin
You're looking pretty wizened! Let me fix that for you...
by Plumbus_Plumber March 5, 2020
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A totally awesome wizard with a PhD in kicking your ass!
Dude, look at that Wizen- he is like a professional beating machine-- with GLASSES!
by Robert Grey February 16, 2008
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Classically means to become winkled with age, but can also mean "to become wiser" or "gain knowledge". Term gaining popularity due to use by Twitch streamer, ArianaKatana.
Ariana: "This semester's studies have wizened me."
by sidthemiccsloth February 15, 2022
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