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When you smoke so much weed that your lung collapses.
*inhaling large quantities of combusted cannabis in the corner at a FWD>> night*
Man #1: Ow me lung!
Man #2: Don't Kowton yourself, mate.
by OfficialBenUFO May 21, 2016
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Kowton was a ledgendary Drum & Bass MC from way back in the day from Grasmere in the Lake District, man was spitting bars to the new DJ Hazard tunes every week, man was smoking me out, man was in the back of the car in the quarry ALWAYS! Where is Kowton now? He was top of the game in Grasmere. He almost had it all! I wouldn't be suprised if man collapsed a lung the way he was smoking. He smoked us out so many times in those early jump up quarry raves! Kowton is simply urban legend to the kids these days but the old school know the score, we will always remember Kowton.
Father: Ahhhh... my son here have a listen to this old Kowton tape pack I found...
*Father inserts tape and presses the play button*
Son: What is this rubbish?
Father: This is Kowton, a legend of the Grasmere Old School quarry raves.
Son: Who? What? It's too fast please! Just turn it off! Please let me listen to Mall Grab p-please!!
*Father cranks up the volume a few notches*
Son: Please Father!! I just want to listen to the new Lobster Theremin!!
*Father cranks up the volume dial to the max*
Father: One day you will look back on this and thank me... NOW SHUT YOUR TRAP AND LISTEN TO KOWTON!
by GrasmereNproud1988 May 30, 2016
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