An expression to further define something done with great vigor.
Example 1) Man, that sucka's hella smokin' that pot to the MAX!

Example 2) We shouldn't bother them because they're getting it on to the MAX!!! Oh, by the way get my camcorder.
by K to the N to the UNG May 25, 2004
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(N.) To do something to the extreme, with power and attitude.
Homer....To The Max! (Power that is...)
by G-Union November 13, 2003
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Used as a suffix to a slang term, amplifies it to the upper limit (IE, grody versus "grody to the max"). Widely used in 80's slang (esp. grody to the max, from the Valley), possibly comes from pidgin.
by Dennis October 10, 2003
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adv. phrase. All the way. In drinking, consume a whole keg. In sex, go to home plate. In parties, dance and drink and throw up.
John pushed that keg to the max.
by ALEXfromExeter July 26, 2005
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