Getting blessed in to gang, not jumped in or ( haveing the shit Beaten out of you for 30 seconds ) being blessed in means to be brought in to the gang without going through the beating. Being blessed in means you're probably close the the big homie ir have done great things in the past to help these people out.
Hey I was blessed in
by Ehatswena September 26, 2017
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Blessing, the name of the girl you love who you can’t stop talking about. Maybe it’s because you love the way her name tastes on your tongue, or because you enjoy her in general. Either way, she’s the definition of absolute perfection. She’s kind but not one to keep her feelings to herself. She’s bold about her opinions—proud of it—but she’s still so caring.

She’ll be struggling through so much, wanting to give up all the time, but she always manages to somehow keep pushing through. She has strong tenacity and no matter how much she might want to just give up, she can’t. And it’s not because she loves herself like a narcissist, rather, it’s because she doesn’t want those around her to hurt.

She doesn’t deserve to go through the problems she suffers with and when she tells you about them YOU feel your heart ache. She’ll say “I’m fine,” but you see straight through her mask. You want to wrap your arms around her, whisper comforting words into her ear as you stroke her hair. She’ll eventually break, making you’re heart ultimately shatter, but you know that she needs this. She’ll start to tremble, mumbling incoherent phrases of apologies as you continue to lull her.

But when she stops and relaxes, man doesn’t that just make you smile like an idiot. She’ll reciprocate the smile, hers much brighter. And that smile will just make you melt.

And that’s when you realize that you want complete happiness for this damn girl.
Phil: “Dude, I’m crushing on Blessing.”
Robert: “Yah, no kidding. Everyone loves her”
by melancholy_surrounds-us August 28, 2019
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She's the one. She's beautiful and bubbly. Blessings are normally Africans and are the prettiest alive with the biggest bums, second from Esther's and Maria's. They are flawless and have a unique personality. Blessing's have the nicest bodies shape and don't need make up because they are already gifted with beauty. If you have a Blessing then you are indeed a happy man. She will feed you with a shower of suprises and the first one will be that you FOUND her. If you let go you will always want to come back, you might even be lucky if she accept's you back. They are intelligent, smart, peng but are fierce and rude. Don't get in their bad side. They are full of hidden talents so wait to date on if you want to discover them😘
She's the one a blessing to my life
I've received something a blessing
Wow I know her a blessing she is blessed😘
by BBRule😍😍 December 4, 2017
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He/she makes an awesome lover... you can never forget a Blessing once you've been with one. Shy in crowds but rocks your world when you get close to him/her
i want to have a Blessing everyday.

Blessing is good for the body and soul
by Chiheralicious Queens November 23, 2017
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The most beautiful girl on the earth most likleybeautiful, smart, and talented
Wow... She is a Blessing
by Roal.Kiyah March 16, 2017
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This girl is blessed. Beautiful shines like a diamond. No fears at all she is respectful and one of a kind.
Mike: that girls soo cute,what's her name?
Marie: Blessing
by Swagggyyy46 March 14, 2017
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Big booty. Very kind , but rude when people piss her off. She's caring and every guy wants her. Very funny and always joking. She can fight and is independent.
Guy -" You know that girl, Blessing"?
Me - " yeah her , she's kind , but rude when people play her".
by Chloe.mim April 4, 2018
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