someone good-looking, charming, and possess an attractive aura to attract girls.
eg. Kelvin Chua Yao Hui
by Ruud July 1, 2004
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an old-fashioned word of sorts, used to describe the physical attractiveness of a man.
whatever happened to words like this? since when did handsome/beautiful get replaced with hot/hawt/sexy/i'd tap that/fine? call me an old bat but it seems a bit degrading to whomever is being complimented. i'd be amazed if i found someone who still has that in their vocabulary. and doesn't over-use it pointlessly
girl 1: omg that guy over there is so hawt. i'd definately go there ;)
girl 2: actually, i'd say he was quite handsome
girl 1: where did you come from, the middle ages?
girl 2: i just prefer not to objectify people
by slightly off-centered July 21, 2007
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Cute in a more mature and older way.
Wow, he is too handsome.
by Brittany-Ghetto Princess October 4, 2003
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How your grandparents describe you.
Grandma:Oh but hes such a handsome boy.
Guy:Oh really!? and here I thought he was just a tubby little fucker ^-^
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 25, 2006
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someone or something that is pleasing to they eye, orderly, symmetrical, whose appearance is an outward projection of its intrinsic usefulness. gazing upon it instantly makes you feel calm and secure. usually applies to men and well-groomed horses. can also apply to strong silent women sans makeup who wear Yohji, also well crafted objects with moving parts like a carriage or a clock.
Newton's universe, actor Martin Donovan, a Phillipe Patek watch, polo horses, did I mention actor Martin Donovan? these things are handsome.
by Crinklydink October 17, 2010
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A word used when speaking to someone instead of saying man, dude, or the person you are speaking to's name.
What's up, handsome? How've ya been?
by morty6 May 28, 2012
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If two people having sex is a twosome
three people, a threesome,
four people, a foursome...

To be handsome is to be lonely.
person 1: do you ever see David with a girl?
person 2: no, he's so handsome
by troughable November 15, 2011
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