whom'st is reading this is an awesome person <3
"whos that guy reading?"
Me: "An awesome person!"
by Sou7 September 21, 2020
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A word that is an alternative to 'faggot'
Guy 1: That guy spammed the forum so much yesterday.

Guy 2: What an awesome person.
by scooty mcdooty February 16, 2009
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most awe·some per·son
(mohst aw-suhm pur-suhn)
pseudo adjective/noun

1. Chuck Norris Bows Down to This Person
2. Hot opposite sex member
3. Writer of this definition
4. Slang: Friend that gives you stuff (gum, food, games, etc.)
I am the most awesome person. Chuck Norris has high standards, he only bows to God.

The one exception is the most awesome person in the world.
He/She is the most awesome person ever.
by mostawesomeperson October 22, 2010
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OMG! Shelby, youre the best!! SKYPE FRIENDS! <3 I LOVE YOU!! (no homo) :) youre the greatest person ever, idk what i would do without you.
Alexandria- Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelby (awesome person)- STFU BISH! ;p
by Alexandria :) August 21, 2012
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When you suffer from A.P.S. you are an innocent soul, free of sin and constantly invited to parties. Friends and family make appointments weeks in advance for you to grace them with your presence.
(1) Do you want to hang out some time? - Sure! How about in a fortnight? You know how it is, A.P.S. and all that.
(2) Do you ever feel guilty? - No, I suffer from A.P.S. Awesome Personality Syndrome
by Jamie Gollerado-Bubba May 2, 2018
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