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The brightest most awesome person everyone wants to be. He is not only blessed in every way, luck always follows him everywhere. He is a hard worker and anything he touches turns into gold. He is very fortunate and lives his life to the fullest.
It is boring without Kolton here.
by Thetruthhasspoken March 09, 2017
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A great and sexy boy friend, who loves his girl friend unconditionally. Likes being in a long term relationship. He doesnt like anything better then being with his girl friend. Has the swagger of a champion. Funny is his middle name. He is hardcore and parties hard. Very romantic.
Girl 1: "I miss having a Kolton"

Girl 2: "Well Kolton gave you many chances"

Girl 1: "I'll get my Kolton back"
by MisFit0007 June 05, 2009
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The ship name for a cute couple, Kenzie and Colton. KOLTON 4 EVER
Colton and kenzie are so cute...Maybe we should call them Kolton!
by Koltonisacutecouple June 12, 2018
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Kolton is rather large (not in the pants), he's normally very friendly and particularly more friendly to his guy friends if you know what I mean. A little on the feminine side and his "shlong" he claims to have is nothing more than a couple inches of chodeness
Who's that new guy?

Oh that's Kolton

Why does he talk like that? Is he gay?
by Batman May 13, 2014
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