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An unusually large bibb sometimes offered to adults in restaurants which serve unusually messy or sloppy foods: lobster, ribs, cracked crab, etc.
Man, you need to carry a lobster bibb around with you - I swear you've always got crud on the front of your shirt.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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Trinidadian slang for being profoundly intoxicated with alcohol.
Man, that was some bad-ass rum Rene brought back from St. Croix - just one bottle and the two of us were shit-a-wiped.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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A wrestling maneuver where one's opponent is lifted vertically over ones head with his/her feet facing upwards, and then tossed down on the canvas upon his/her back. Looks painful, but the thickness of the canvas and the spring suspension of WWF rings absorbs much of the impact; it "stings" more than it bruises.
And the Baron executes a perfect flying mare, taking Gorgeous George down a notch or two!
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
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Money, legal currency. Often used in a negative sense, e.g., "filthy lucre."
The American race is rapidly becoming the coldest in the world, all because of this cruel, maneating idol, lucre.
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
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One who enjoys and consumes chocolate with a regularity suggestive of addiction; a chocolate addict.
My ex-wife was a major chocaholic; she'd rather have chocolate than sex, any day.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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Short form of the feminine name "Peggy." Peggy, in turn, is often used as a shortened form of "Margaret," for reasons not entirely clear to this author.
Hey, Peg! Peg? Hey, PEGGY - get over here!
by Rod Brock July 29, 2006
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Slang for V.P., or "Vice President."
One thing about Cheney as Veep - he and Dubya go together like peas and carrots.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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