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Used by UFO enthusiasts as an abbreviation for "Extraterrestrial Hypothesis," referring to the belief of some that UFO reports represent sightings of alien spacecraft.
I neither accept nor reject the ETH. Quite frankly, I don't know what UFOs are - they're UNIDENTIFIED.
by Rod Brock July 29, 2006
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An upscale neighborhood populated by rich, pretentious persons. A play on words after San Francisco's "Nob Hill" neighborhood, which is often characterized as "swanky" and "upscale."
He thinks he's a real big dog now that he's moved up to snob hill.
by Rod Brock September 24, 2005
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I dream of finding a bag of spinach in the ditch every night.
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
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One who cuts a smelly fart in a circumstance in which all are grossed out and suffer, such as an office meeting, at the dinner table, in a restaurant, etc.
Have a little respect you stinkbutt bastard - it's your own grandmother's funeral!
by Rod Brock August 1, 2006
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Inflammation of the sebaceous gland of they eyelid. Folklore held that one got a sty from urinating upon a public roadway.
My brother was always getting a sty on one or the other of his eyes, but he swore he never peed along the roadside when he was walking home from school.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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A coined term, joining the words "skeptic" and "debunker." It is used chiefly by paranormalists in the pejorative sense, to describe individuals who are skeptical of paranormalist views.
I wish all these skeptibunkers would just shut up and get with the program - the Space Brothers are coming, and that's a fact!
by Rod Brock March 9, 2007
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A term peculiar to winos - a "skirt" is the brown paper bag which holds the bottle. Most often used when the fortified wine of choice is Wild Irish Rose.
"Gimme a pint of Rosie with a skirt, Apu."
by Rod Brock May 15, 2006
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