Joel is derived from the ancient Hebrew word Joeltholeum which means he who tames the lemurs. A Joel is known for his psychic abilities which allows him to mind meld with certain birds of pray. A Joel is also known for his mental abilities allowing him to slowly win the hearts and minds of the people of New Brunswick. Joel's are lesser seen in their natural habitat of Rome. When in Rome make sure you do what a Joel would do. Joel's have incredible strength within their nipples and have been know to use them for combat. They are highly skilled in the dark arts and are usually seen in positions of extreme power such as camp counsellors and life coach's. They have been known to attack at random on the third sunday of a leap year. This is their feeding times and can only sustain themselves on the tears of virgins. In their natural habitat they are dangerous killing machines able to swallow your soul as the run at 63.2mph. Beware the Joel unless they are a good friend. They are loyal to all of their good friends but will randomly take those they dont and entrap them within magical paintings. Joel's are the greatest thing in the world, give them a compliment as soon as you meet, but not about their elbows. Find a Joel and sware allegiance as soon as possible, or the Scott's, Jeff's and Mike's have already won.
I aspire to be great yet kill indescriminent, someday ill be a Joel
by Iamwebster1307 March 23, 2014
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You'll never meet anybody whose as interesting as a Joel. It's hard to wrap your fingers around him because he isn't stable. This guy is so good at reading people and playing mind games that he'll have you wrapped around his finger before you know it and you'll fall so in love with him that you'll begin to disregard all of the bad qualities that he has. A Joel is passionate and driven, someone who can overcome challenges without letting the pressure enthrall him. Truly a calm and cool individual. He's smart,cunning,and deceitful but that just adds to his hotness. He's well liked but he can let it get to his arrogant head and become a rude and selfish jerk. Beware if you aren't in his inner circle or a complete hottie because that's when his rudeness becomes noticeable. Despite his many faults he will cherish those that he love and remain loyal and dedicated to you once you've been accepted by him. He's cautious about who he chooses to surround himself with and thus he knows many but has few true friends. He is the epitome of an evil genius.
Girl 1: Hey who is that hot guy over there???

Girl 2: Oh that's Joel but he is such a smart ass player!!!

Girl 1: I've finally found what I've been looking for!!
by slaincrocodile May 06, 2010
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A joel is one of the most funniest, kindest, hottest, sexiest people you’ll ever meet. If you ever meet a joel never let him go. He’s got an amazing body, the most adorable smile ever, and a pretty cute booty too😉 Joel is very athletic and everyone wants to be his friend. Even though he goes through tough times he always finds a way to make people smile. Even if he doesn’t know it. Joel would be an amazing boyfriend. He’s kind, funny, loyal, trustworthy, and sexy🥵 He has one of the best personalities ever! Everyone wants to have a joel in their life. He’s one of the best people you’ll ever meet.
person 1: hey do you see that hot guy over there!

person 2: ya that’s joel! he’s amazing
by nicole2406 December 01, 2019
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A guy who has a lot to be proud of. He’s tall, strong, handsome, pimpin and just about anyone (boys and girls) will be all over him! Joel is also great at dodgeball and won’t ever fail a fitness test! Maybe that’s why he’s so strong!
Maria: holy shit that guy is so damn hot!
Ashley: oh yeah that’s Joel! He’s great!
by Kidswillbekids December 22, 2019
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(verb) To change "bias."
It is a word mostly used in kpop fandoms.
Synonym: Swerve
"I can't help but joel back and forth between Sakura and Yena."
"Domi does not joel, he changes fandoms entirely."
"Imagine not joelling 12 times a day."
"Your joel per minute is too damn HIGH."
by J-@ss February 29, 2020
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Someone who will break into your house, have consensual sex with your girlfriend, play some Xbox 360, and fuck up your day with a light saber because Joel does not give a fuck. He is an all powerful Jedi Master who makes shit levitate with his mind and can bring any girl to have multiple orgasms just by touching her cheek.

guy 1. Damn man I think my house just got a fucking Matt in it.

guy 2. Man you must be a Matt because I have never seen so many girls be attracted to one dude.
by This dude01 May 03, 2018
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