Kevin: Are you guys coming to my party at 8?
Joe: Ofc dude!
by pseudonym g December 20, 2014
internet/text slang for "of course"

created by the infamous @gcodegfb
her: Are you my bae?
me: ofc
by Audfile1 August 9, 2019
ofc is a short way of saying "of course".

ofc is usually used when texting
Anna: Happy Birthday, Bryce!
Bryce: Thanks, Anna!
Anna: ofc (;
by smartphark October 2, 2018
Of Fucking Course.

Many random internet people use it as of course, but the origin of this acronym is Of Fucking Course.
You: So, does it mean ofc = "of course" is wrong?
Me : OFC
by meeboarsox February 11, 2009
Short for "oh, franz see's", used in online chat.
Olivia MacGrunt: "Do you have a lighter please?"
Franz: "Sorry, I don't have a lighter, I lit it in the coffeeshop"
Mike (gives Olivia a lighter): "Here we go"
Franz: "ofc"
by ScrotieMcBooogerballs July 10, 2018