Abbreviation for "Oh My God". An expression of surprise, anger or disbelief. Used often in text messages and badly written emails. Used mainly by teenage girls, even if the event isn't all that surprising.
Girl 1: Omg, i just totally hooke dup with Ryan!
Girl 2: Omg what!
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it is online talk the people need to stop using in the real world!!!!!!
Girl-Omg those shoes are so cute
Girl 2- Omg that is so true
by Jaiver March 13, 2008
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OMG OMG OMG n. prounounced: Oh-em-jee-oh-em-jee-oh-em-jee. Said by overly exited millenials, mainly girls, but guys can say it too, because I don't want to offend anyone.
ANNOUNCER: The winner is Amy!!!
by geo_torno9 August 24, 2018
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Oh my God!” “Oh my God!”
Lalisa saw someone she’s been dying to meet her whole life and started saying “OMG OMG!”
by OlaAlfares June 29, 2020
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Net-centric abbreviation for the popular exclamation "Oh my God!" (generally used in conversations to exclaim surprise or disgust). Most commonly used by teenage girls who find it depressingly hard to type out an entire word. Reinforces assumptions that humans seem to be getting dumber from generation to generation. See also u, like.
Teenage idiot: "like OMG did u c dat totaly cutte gy? he wuz like, so cutte"

Silent then proceeds to sock her in the face.
by Silent April 21, 2003
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