Joel is the cutest boy you will ever see. His makes everyone smile and or bust out in laughter. He possibly has a girlfriend or crushing on someone and ofc every single girl in school likes him. He will make you feel special and loved. His a god at soccer and that's why his on the best team in the city. And his hair is so soft and silky you would never want to let go. His hugs are the best especially the really long ones. When he says he loves you he means it. His that person that you can text all day and all night without getting bored. And his a person you will never want to play with or get on his bad side cause you will regret it.
"Omg is that Joel?"
"The really cute one?"
"Yeah that one!"
by We AnOnYmOuS September 21, 2019
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1. to be blessed with good looks, popularity, intense musical prowess and a large fat penis is to be joel.

2. Well known for having an outgoing and positive attitude. people who are joel are often performers or artists.

3. a person who has all of the answers, even if he has to make them up. A person who is considered an expert even though he has shown absolutely no experience in the subject whatsoever.
1. That DJ's real name must be Joel, look at his package!

2. Dude, you just joeled that crowd!

3. When in doubt, if you don't know the answer, you just gotta be quick on your feet and Joel em!
by DJ Rage February 02, 2010
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1. An awesome name for an awesome guy.

2. To be Joel is to be really hot.

(e.g. wow. you are Joel)
alex: Wow that guy is hot!
karina: Oh that's Joel.
alex: oh my goodness.
by pussycat face May 09, 2009
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Joel is one of the most amazing guys you’ll ever meet. He is so sweet and caring. He will do anything for his girlfriend, and will love her no matter what. Joel’s are usually tall and funny, but very smart and thoughtful. Joel’s are very smart, and good with really anything. Joel’s are very athletic and fit. If you ever need anything, he will stop what he’s doing and rush to you right away just to see if you’re okay. Joel is a very loving person and can make anyone smile when they’re upset. Joel’s are also great in bed! He will make you feel so good! If you find a Joel, keep him as long as possible, because once you find him, you’ll never find anyone better.
“I just met this guy Joel and I’m already in love with him!”
by Cheeseball69 October 27, 2019
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Joel Pronounced: “God of Sex
Joel is the name given to a man who has devastatingly good looks and is without a doubt the most ripped, vascular being you will ever encounter.
Joel is the epitome of sex on legs.

When you first meet Joel, you will think he is immune to feelings because of all his muchoness.
However, underneath the surface, Joel is a warm, loving and sweet boy, capable of feelings such as being in love and in lust.

If you ever do get the privilege of meeting Joel, you’ll come to realize that you’ll never meet anyone who could ever compare to him, not even marginally.
by Daisyyy ;) January 23, 2020
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A hot, attractive boy who will treat you the best he can. Joel is a keeper, he will keep you safe and if you have him as a boyfriend you better keep him because he’ll treat you the best he can and he’ll make you feel happy and safe with him.
If you have a Joel in your life you better keep him.
Person 1: “Look at that guy over there keeping his girlfriend safe from the hail!”

Person 2: “Yup! That’s Joel for you!”
by gabizze November 05, 2019
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A lovely guy always smart he always tries his best in all his work.
He will one day become a very successful person.
He is a bit slow and not athletic but is a perfect person.
by ghdy@gfhyd.com September 12, 2018
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