to be with a guy, usually the one you like.
and if it is indeed the guy you like, it's probably your favorite place and the only place you ever want to be.
wherever he is.
"hhhh, i just want to be with him right now, he makes me so happy."
by .alixlovesyou. August 27, 2008
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nickname for the guy that everyone secretly loves
Hey did you see that guy wearing the blue shirt.
Oh him.
No him him.
by whyarenttherecarrotpoptarts March 29, 2010
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AKA god, the motherfucker with the biggest set of nuts in town that is fucking cracked at everything he does. this individual also gets an absurd amount of bitches.
Blake: “Dude did you hear that Jack fucked 17 bitches in one week, and then won the chip?”

Trey: “Yeah bro, Jack is Him”
by CougarSniffer5 July 2, 2022
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The guy. The one above all. The alpha and the omega. The goat, if you will. The supreme male specimen.
by TheNotoriousAvon November 19, 2021
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One who you completely fell for; you never saw it coming and you ended up liking this person way more than planned. You two talked and talked almost 24/7. Late night phone calls and the cheesiest conversations were held with this person. Eventually, this person got your hopes up and crushed them. Just. Like. That. Some shit happened between you two and now, you're strangers again. You walk past one another like nothing ever happened. Like you two never even met. You two make awkward eye-contact every now and then. You look at this person thinking that he used to mean the world to you. In fact, he once was your world. Maybe, he might even still mean the world to you. With every glance at him, memories come to mind. You suddenly hear his voice repeating things he once said to you, over and over. Recalling the good times, trying to forget the bad. After reading this, you are probably picturing him in your head, right now.
Its Him.
by 1005 November 2, 2011
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Him is him he gets all the bitches on earth and all the hoes on earth he can give you anything you ask for because he is him
Joe: OMG Are You Him????!!!
Jack: Yes indeed i am him
Joe: Can I Please Have bitches
Jack: Your Wish Is My Command
by jp7hm March 27, 2023
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That guy you can not stop thinking about. He drives you insane with his eyes and his hair that falls or sways just right. He makes you smile. Makes you sad too. You think he doesn't care when he claims he does. He makes you pull your hair out but he can also calm you down in the most ragged situation.
"Who are you thinking about?" "Him"

"Whats wrong?" "Nothing" "Was it him?" "..Yes..."
by arcticfox.117 January 3, 2017
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