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Maria is talented, gorgeous and defiantly stands out of the crowd.

Her eyes will hypnotize any man that looks at them.

you'll find many other girls jealous of her beauty which will often land her in the middle of a scandal.

Every girl want to be her, and every man wants to have her.
She keeps her friends close and her enemies closer.

She has a small group of really close friends and loves them all. She's not fake.
Even though sometimes she can be a bit mean when she speaks her mind, she always has the best at heart.

She's a big flirt and that can sometimes get her in trouble.

Her body resembles one of a greek goddess. She looks like a real life disney princess. Her skin glows in the sun and her smile can brighten up the whole universe. When she walks in a room, heads turn, she has everyone hypnotized with her gorgeousness . She loves the attention and always tries to be the best form of herself.

All boys want her, but she has her eyes set on one person.

She's a passionate lover. Be careful, cause once she lays eyes on you your under her spell.

Maria will haunt your dreams and will stay in your mind forever.

she's addictive. But don't play games with her because she'll see right through.

She knows her self worth and is not afraid to tell you.

She is hard to get and might break your heart by rejecting you, but don't give up because she loves when men are persistent for her and don't easily give up. You wont regret it once you kiss her. Never let go of Maria.
Im in love with maria, she's my addiction.
by Loltrustme August 20, 2018
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A girl who is laughing her ass off by searching for her definition and finding this...
Maria is laughing her ass off.
by WATER MELOOONNN!!! January 20, 2018
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Maria is the very definition of I want to be with her but can't. She is amazing, probably the most amazing woman you'll ever meet. Maria doesn't receive the love she deserves, instead she gets attention from assholes and cheats who just want her body. A person like this may truly be loved by someone, however they often don't have the same feelings in return. Maria is that special person that you find and instantly know she is the one. You are willing to wait until the afterlife and back for her love to match yours, because one lifetime just might not be long enough. You know that day probably will never come, however you will always hold on to hope and be at her side to care for and help her whenever she needs. Maria is one of if not the most important person to you. She is beautiful both inside and out. Maria is the most gorgeous woman in existence, her personality is superb. There is no-one better out there for you. She is not perfect but, you love her still, flaws and all. Maria while amazing, will put the one who loves her in the friendzone/brozone. Maria may remove you from there and return your feelings for her... but only time can tell.
Maria is the love of my life. I wish she would let me out of the brozone.
by Anon 12-29 January 20, 2018
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Maria is a person who can always make u smile in any way. She is a funny sweet girl who always knows how to put you in a good mood. She’s beautiful and can make friends with anyone. However she is sensitive and sometimes needs space to gather her thoughts. But she is an amazing friend and you should hold on to them forever.
“Hey have you seen Maria?”
“Maria tells the best jokes!”
by HayDictionary May 26, 2018
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Maria doesn't get offended, when she laughs is beautiful and u join in, can become very sarcastic. A good listener and gives good advice, she might trust u easily, she might test u and trust very little as she is paranoid and not a fool. A Maria seems closed because she thinks u don't really care, but when you prove u do she is a open book and very understanding, she is loyal. Always wants to try something new and gets bored easily. She is hot and knows it loves reminding people about it too, she has a big ass turning heads all the way she likes wearing sexy clothes she easily steals hearts just by her looks. She has an amazing smile and eyes to get lost in, soft hair and has an amazing style. She has a big heart, likes to play games with people and she be merciless. She is a queen a powerful woman who hates being treated as a child and will do anything to prove people wrong. When she loves u, she gives all her heart for u to be happy but once u hurt her she will break isolating herself from people but will move on, in that moment when she moves on she will never forgive u. When she's mad at someone she gives them the silent treatment. Maria is a party animal, fearless and can become intimidating, she's most likely to do any type of dare. Maria is intelligent and beautiful she is ellegant classy. But at the same time she can be a freak with passion. She doesn't care about money as it can't buy her she looks for love and happiness she likes little things in life.
Guy:Damn are you a Maria?
Girl*starts crying*:I hate you
Maria:I love you too, yeah I'm maria
by Carias December 23, 2017
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The most amazing and beautiful person you will ever meet. She is athletic but very competitive. But nice and pretty at where main qualities. But typically hard to impress
by Catherine Gray October 21, 2017
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The most amazing,beautiful,funny girl you will ever meet makes your heart melt with her smile and can make a whole room stop when she walks in. She has a great personality and is very smart but is a little flirtatious. Any boy is more than lucky to have her in there life
Damn is that a maria
by Long shlong69 April 01, 2017
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