Refers to a soon to be mummy or daddy,
whom aspire to find a name /be inspired by a name. So their soon to be born doesn’t live life as a JOHN /BoB or Muhammad!!! Looking for a Brady or Grant, because of the legendary status.
Gee wiz I’d like a boys name for my little one.
by The New Testament January 14, 2020
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cute boy who is smart handsome and bomb he loves to share his feelings and he is awsome to talk to or play with and he has a huge dick and is amazing on the bed if you know a israel go talk to him
israel is so hot and he was amazing last noght on the bed ! israel/boy name is a good name
by once upon a time June 12, 2015
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Xander is a nerd, that is all it is. It’s a factual thing and if he says otherwise he is very wrong. He is just the Nerdy boy named... Xander
by SpaceSpud125 October 14, 2020
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Hot, sexy, always picking up ladies, Out going, nice body, Pretty eyes and is really hot, he will go or do anything for his girl.
Hunter as boy name, A hot individual

Hunter is a nice man
by Chris Lang December 21, 2017
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Ariel is a truly beautiful boy- inside and out.

MerMAN. He is strong, intuitive, and uses his words to communicate in a way that always enlightens those around him. He is funny on another level. Matching his humor though, he is extremely serious. Highly independent, but cares deeply for those he is close to. Ariel is a natural born rockstar- whatever he focuses on he will achieve. He isn’t always affectionate, but when he is it’s the sweetest thing ever.
Ariel (boy’s name) is an experience all his own- this guy is totally next level.
by Truthbomb November 23, 2021
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This is a boy whose name begins with a Q so everyone just calls him Q. He is very cute and all the ladies love him, especially the dirty ones, they cant seem to leave him alone. He is a tall linky kid who believes he is a meathead. He is very caring and very innocent, but he knows how to party with the boys. He is going to be the average white dad, he is halfway there because he already drinks black coffee. But Q is annoying because he wont be a thing with any girl because he is going to college in like a long time so he doesnt wanna break anyones heart. but its not like i like Q or anything.
Omg look, its the boy named "Q"
by mak daddy money February 15, 2019
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He is poop
Wow your a angel boy name
by Tick lock October 26, 2017
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