A band who is extremely underrated however is dissed mainly because of geddy's early voice. however, they have sold the most consecutive platnium albums, survived the 80s and 90s, still play sold out concerts and tours today after 30 plus years, and are right behind Aerosmith and the Beatles in album sales. How are they bad?

Also, Neil Peart's lyrics are amazing and the way Geddy Lee conveys them with his singing is a great combo, and the use of the synths add a great atmosphere and mood to each song during the Synth Era.

I suggest if you wanted to get into rush, start with the Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves album and branch out from there. Power Windows is a pretty sexy album as well..

And they make you proud to be a canadian if you are from canada.. im not but im just saying..
Guy 1 *Hearing Marathon by Rush*: Who are these guys

guy 2: Its Rush.. Marathon is a great song

Guy 1: theyre really amazing..
by Brian Stabile March 17, 2008
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1. When frats and sororities try to get people to pledge. This period of time is called rush week. Normally frats and sororties will try to show you their power by getting strippers (if it's frat) and hard licks.

2. The initial feeling of coke
Tau Kappa Epsilon is rushing. I heard there's gonna be strippers.
by valoem February 7, 2005
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When something is cool enough to be compared to the best thing to come from Canada, Rush.
Oh dude, that was so Rush of you to buy booze for us.
by cygnusgodofbalance September 26, 2005
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A common computer game strategy that involves quickly destroying opponents relatively shortly after the game begins.
I am going to rush =n00bs=Loser with my lings.
by xelius April 5, 2005
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although a lot of people don't realize this, rush is actually a better band instrumentally than dream theater. niel peart is a way better drummer than mike portnoy, geddy lee is a much better singer than the singer of dream theater and geddy's also a much stronger and more innovative bass player than myung, although he may not be technically as good...
rush is god.. is basically what im saying
by wafaawaf August 21, 2006
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In any sort of RTS (real time strategy) game where you control an army (especially Warcraft), to charge into an opponent's base as quickly as possible with the intention of at least slowing him down, if not taking him out altogether.
Let's rush Night Elf or Undead, they're the easiest to take out.

We can't rush the Human guy, he's towered like a little bitch.
by Koby_Fish November 14, 2005
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