1. What you say to refer to your opponent when it is 27 days until a national election and you are down an average of 6 points in the national polls.

2. The worst way to refer to your opponent if you do not want to be seen as bitter and disrespectful.

3. The best thing to say during a second presidential debate to guarantee loss by electoral landslide.
John McCain: You know who voted for it? You might never know.
{points to Barack Obama}
That one!

America: FAIL!
by Doom03 October 8, 2008
Referring to a person of lower quality than yourself. Equivalent to "you people" as spoken by Ross Perot in 1992 at an NAACP meeting.
McCan calls Barack Obama "that one" during the debate on Oct 7, 2008. On July 11, 1992 candidate Ross Perot referred to the members as "you people". It was widely assumed to be a racial remark.
by Altar Eggo October 8, 2008
A phrase used to describe your opponent in a presidential debate that shows your complete hatred to that person. Probably worse then not looking at them.
You know who voted for it? You might never know- THAT ONE.
You know who voted against it, ME!
-John McCain
by cu808 October 8, 2008
What old, out-of touch presidential candidates refer to their opponents as when they are too old and out of touch to remember their fucking names during a debate.
Moderator: Who's gonna kick your ass in the upcoming election?

John McCain: That one. <Points, but does not look at Senator Obama>
by Mary Mayhem October 9, 2008
An informal code of street fighting, not allowing bystanders to interfere in the fight.
Hey bitch-ass, let's square it up one-on-one in the midldle of the street!
by PGrace August 5, 2003
a bag of heroin and coke together.
i wanted to do a speedball so i told my connect i need a "one and one" bag.
by fresh stallion April 12, 2010
1. A game where the only opponents are two people playing against each other.
2. Also know as speedballing; a mixture of cocaine and herion, most often injected.
1. Jack says to Tommy, "Let's play a game of one on one"
2. After getting out of lock-up, I said to myself, "I'm 'bout ready to head downtown and gets me a one on one!!"
by dieselgirl August 7, 2003