An amazing human who is very kind and handsome, he is there when you need him and he is very layed back, you can count on him to keep promises and when your down he can make you smile, he can be quite annoying sometimes but his humor and love can make up for it, he’s loyal and he believes that personality is what makes a person truly beautiful, he’s quite and shy at first but once you get to know him you learn that he is quite funny, oblivious, and he is quite dumb at times. Over all he is a good person to have in your life and if you catch a Joel keep him Bc if you don’t you will never meet anyone like him.
Wow that guy is so sweet I see why his mother named him Joel.
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Joel is a smart handsome young man who is very friendly and can make the whole room laugh.But make sure not get very friend or his girlfriend will come for you , Joel is a popular kid with many talents and is never scared to do the impossible.
"Who's that's kid over there?"
"Are you serious how can you not know who he is! that's Joel!"
by Geniussid123 August 18, 2014
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Joels are absolutely wonderful. They are helpful and sweet, always willing to brighten your day. They are excellent at cuddles and totally adorable. They are funny and strange in a delightful way. If a girl ever finds herself in a relationship with a Joel she should hold on! Joels are unique and amazing.
by LoveJoel April 13, 2011
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A joel is one of the most funniest, kindest, hottest, sexiest people you’ll ever meet. If you ever meet a joel never let him go. He’s got an amazing body, the most adorable smile ever, and a pretty cute booty too😉 Joel is very athletic and everyone wants to be his friend. Even though he goes through tough times he always finds a way to make people smile. Even if he doesn’t know it. Joel would be an amazing boyfriend. He’s kind, funny, loyal, trustworthy, and sexy🥵 He has one of the best personalities ever! Everyone wants to have a joel in their life. He’s one of the best people you’ll ever meet.
person 1: hey do you see that hot guy over there!

person 2: ya that’s joel! he’s amazing
by nicole2406 December 1, 2019
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An absolute madlad who is relatable to almost anyone. He is extremely calm and his humour and culturedness is extensive.

On top of this he's an absolute unit, although is sometimes introverted.
He also won't miss an opportunity to show his distaste for certain things such as bad music, dark chocolate and apple fangirls.
Bully: Give me your lunch money punk
Joel: Hey guys Joel here
Bully: Oh sorry man my bad. Take my lunch money my guy
by mbruh October 22, 2019
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Joel is derived from the ancient Hebrew word Joeltholeum which means he who tames the lemurs. A Joel is known for his psychic abilities which allows him to mind meld with certain birds of pray. A Joel is also known for his mental abilities allowing him to slowly win the hearts and minds of the people of New Brunswick. Joel's have incredible strength within their nipples and have been know to use them for combat. They are highly skilled in the dark arts and are usually seen in positions of extreme power such as camp counsellors and life coach's. They have been known to attack at random on the third sunday of a leap year. This is their feeding times and can only sustain themselves on the tears of virgins. In their natural habitat they are dangerous killing machines able to swallow your soul as the run at 63.2mph. Beware the Joel unless they are a good friend. They are loyal to all of their good friends but will randomly take those they dont and entrap them within magical paintings. Joel's are the greatest thing in the world, give them a compliment as soon as you meet, but not about their elbows. Find a Joel and sware allegiance as soon as possible, or the Scott's, Jeff's and Mike's have already won.
Guy: Joel, I like your elbows.

Joel: Now you must die.
by Clare Mac September 13, 2017
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