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Joel is a smart handsome young man who is very friendly and can make the whole room laugh.But make sure not get very friend or his girlfriend will come for you , Joel is a popular kid with many talents and is never scared to do the impossible.
"Who's that's kid over there?"
"Are you serious how can you not know who he is! that's Joel!"
by Geniussid123 August 18, 2014
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A euphemism for “kill me” now that composting oneself after one’s death has become popular.
All right, why don’t you just compost me?
by Dr Bunnygirl March 22, 2020
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An amazing human who is very kind and handsome, he is there when you need him and he is very layed back, you can count on him to keep promises and when your down he can make you smile, he can be quite annoying sometimes but his humor and love can make up for it, he’s loyal and he believes that personality is what makes a person truly beautiful, he’s quite and shy at first but once you get to know him you learn that he is quite funny, oblivious, and he is quite dumb at times. Over all he is a good person to have in your life and if you catch a Joel keep him Bc if you don’t you will never meet anyone like him.
Wow that guy is so sweet I see why his mother named him Joel.
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A joel is one of the most funniest, kindest, hottest, sexiest people you’ll ever meet. If you ever meet a joel never let him go. He’s got an amazing body, the most adorable smile ever, and a pretty cute booty too😉 Joel is very athletic and everyone wants to be his friend. Even though he goes through tough times he always finds a way to make people smile. Even if he doesn’t know it. Joel would be an amazing boyfriend. He’s kind, funny, loyal, trustworthy, and sexy🥵 He has one of the best personalities ever! Everyone wants to have a joel in their life. He’s one of the best people you’ll ever meet.
person 1: hey do you see that hot guy over there!

person 2: ya that’s joel! he’s amazing
by nicole2406 December 01, 2019
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A term for a very sexy, tall dude. To be a Joel is to be extremely cute and extremely afraid of girls. Also, a Joel is usually a musician and has an amazing voice. If you are a girl and you met a Joel, dump your boyfriend and start dating the Joel.
Girl 1: Who is that hot dude over there?
Girl 2: That is Joel
by Poison Energy October 28, 2013
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Someone who will break into your house, have consensual sex with your girlfriend, play some Xbox 360, and fuck up your day with a light saber because Joel does not give a fuck. He is an all powerful Jedi Master who makes shit levitate with his mind and can bring any girl to have multiple orgasms just by touching her cheek.

guy 1. Damn man I think my house just got a fucking Matt in it.

guy 2. Man you must be a Matt because I have never seen so many girls be attracted to one dude.
by This dude01 January 13, 2018
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