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Beautiful, highly intelligent, amazing girl who is fantastic at anything and everything. Her long, fabulous brown hair falls perfectly, and her appearance is absolutely stunning. I mean she's gorgeous. She has these full, dark brown, captivating eyes that you can't help but gaze into. She has this smile that will make any day so much better if you earn it. So if you start to get to know her, you begin to see more of her amazing personality, and then you start to believe she's perfect, which isn't much of a stretch at all. She's gorgeous, super cool, extremely artsy, definitely smart, very cute, and especially caring. You're lucky if you get to meet and know her, because she just makes everyone around her better. She does have one flaw, however, which is the fact that she has drawn your utmost attention and affection to only her. She is the first and last thought you have, before you dream about her, that is. But that's only after thinking about her keeps you up for a while. You'll daydream about her too, because she'll always be on your mind. Moving on then. She seems to be so intact with everything in her life, and she has freaking royalty in her blood. That's my personal nickname for her, so don't even think about calling her that. But yeah, she's literally a princess in line to become a queen. She's definitely my Queen. I have fallen deeply in love with her and we're finally dating. Side note: oh my, the struggle. Anyway, I'll stop here. I'm sure you get the point.
Casandra is seriously phenomenal. She's one in a thousand-year lifetime.
by TH3 UNIVERSE February 14, 2015
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A short thick female who fun to be around . Loves to party and is very funny and crazy . Great kisser with a nice ass. Beautiful big brown eyes that will make you melt . Most people will describe her as "bad" or crazy . Has an attitude and isn't one to mess with unless you want to end up In an hospital . She's gorgeous and she's chill .
Beware she's a Casandra
by Tornadoe storming January 3, 2015
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Amazing female who cares and is sweet and just makes life that much better. A girl with strong opinions and an even stronger heart. Someone who knows it all and is amazing at everything even if she thinks she isn't. She's one big smarty pants. Someone of cat decent and is destined to be a hot vampire. A girl who makes one bring themselves from any shit hole to be perfect for her. Casandra is and will always be thee girl.
Casandra I love you. You and your reddish brown hair and amazing magic the gathering skills who beats all the nerdy dudes at the table with her library.
by Nala36 April 15, 2013
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Casandra is a pretty person who doesnt think it. She is very tough with a very high pain tolerance. She will not share her feelings unless she trusts you and is very talented at gymnastics and tumbling she is very anti social though bit when she meets someone she wants to be friends with she will know at first glance. She is a very amazing person to meet.
Casandra is my bestfriend
by Ca2701 August 31, 2019
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Physical - Big dark brown eyes, high cheek bones, layered/choppy dirty blonde haired, pretty tall (at least 5.8 feet tall), hot bodied girl, nice bum & boobs ;)

Personality - Super funny, confident, extremely nice & careing, amazing friend, loves to have good time - loves to be with people, can be extemely random and crazy at times (crazy good - not actualy insane ) Music is her passion! She's a VERY good singer. She's not one for Mathamatic's or Science.

She is also known to be called: Cassie or Cass at times by close friends.

Loves music like - (Alternative, Indie, Rock, Post Hardcore, Screamo, Emotive Harecore, Electronic/Dance)

All Time Low, Escape The Fate, Forever The Sickest Kids, NeverShoutNever!, The Maine, The Ready Set, Paramore, Bring Me The Horizon, The Stiff Dylans, Bullet For My Valentine...etc
Austin - Hey sup mate?...

Oliver - Hey. nothin' much just chill - (Casandra walks by them, they stop & look after her)

Austin - Damnnn...Cass is so fine!

Oliver - I know man!...she's an amazing girl - no joke. I 'really' like her dude...

Austin - know you should ask her out if you like her so much. She's really nice - not a bitch - she wouldn't turn you down dude.

Oliver - ...Yeah...your right...You know I think I will...=)
by ITotalyRawrYou January 8, 2010
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Cassandra received the power to foretell the future from the god Apollo. Apparently, Apollo instructed the mortal woman and taught her about the art of prophecy because he had an ulterior motive - the god wished to win her affections. Cassandra accepted Apollo as a teacher, but not as a lover. Naturally, the god was insulted by this refusal. So he punished Cassandra. Apollo caused the gift that he gave Cassandra to be twisted, making everyone who heard her true and accurate foretellings of future events believe that they were instead hearing lies. In other words, the wondrous blessing bestowed upon a mortal became instead a terrible curse.

She predicted the outcome of many disastrous events. And this, in the end, was to be Cassandra's tragic fate.

by birkevics August 2, 2008
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Beautiful, gorgeous, loving, sweet individual that is absolutley amazing in every aspect. Sexy Vampire, adores MCR, and dis-likes pink. Rawr!
Dude... I'm PoC! Property of Casandra!
by Fruitroll-up January 20, 2011
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