Vascular - used to indicate the prominence of a person'a veins post an epic gym session.
E.g. 'Your arms are looking so vascular after crushing that set of curls'.
by AKVASCULAR November 20, 2013
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a condition resulting in the death of or inflammation of the blood vessels which supply blood to the muscles in the body, e.g. aneurysm from high pressure.
In the past few years the symptoms of hypertension have been receded along with vascularism
by Marc2.0 June 19, 2023
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Similar to the Mandible Claw used by Mankind of the WWE, but instead, the Vascular Claw is shoved in a sexual orifice, such as in the vagina, or up the butt hole. The Vascular Claw uses the middle & ring fingers.
Ted: Last night while doing doggy with my girl, I gave that bitch the Vascular Claw right up her poop hole.
Mark: No way! That is how I warm my girl up before getting intimate between the sheets with her!
by Rizzit Dough'Urban April 21, 2016
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A muscled hole which excretes a nasty substance upon the filling of one's intestine. One may be "fucked" in the VCC, but it is generally frowned upon when attempted by two males. Heed warning, if the VCC does not "accept" the harsh organ inserted inside of it, it may spew the same nasty subsatnce that is excreted when the intestine is filled.
John: Hey Babe, how is your Vascular Chasm Cavity feeling?
Babe: It hurts, now let me do yours.
by Zach P. & Andrew A. August 18, 2006
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Its a disease from bramble Bush , when you do a 360 no-scope and say "ha ha , yh man" then get tea bagged by the bramble , then it gives you the disease which makes you retarded and think you are a hot air balloon
One day , in the land of fairy's , a young boy approached an odd shaped bramble bush , then he approached it and had a sneek insight , with force the persuasion of the bramble Bush dragged in the young boy and made him do a certain amount of out of the ordinary kind of stuff , which then led him to having Cardio vascular hepatitis z.
by Adolfhitlersrealdad-11 November 18, 2017
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Tarkovian-vascular-testinitus: Noticeable Swelling of the Male Testicular Region. Results from over exposure from a Popular fps MMO Shooter Escape from Tarkov. May produce long lasting reproproductive harm, and thus the inability to reproduce.

Symptom's of Tarkovian-vascular-testinitus include: Trouble taking deep breaths, increased need to write code or hacks that allows yourself or others to cheat to win inside Escape from Tarkov, purchase 3rd party cheats or hacks from others who lack the ability to reproduce and most likely live in the basement of parents home. Using Real Currency to purchase otherwise free ingame lootables, example: roubles, guns, armor, keys, etc. An overwhelming sense of insecurity of ones Pee pee, inability to complete sentences, make direct eye contact with the opposite sex

This definition has not been approved by the FDA and has no clear and or concise way of preventing its outcome except as to not play Escape from Tarkov because you are just bad at it.
subject 1: Have you noticed anything wrong with subject 3 recently?
subject 2: Yes it appears subject 3 has a very noticeable growth to his Groinal region.

subject 1: Pretty sure he has contracted Tarkovian-vascular-testinitus
subject 2: Should we possibly speak to his wife?
subject 1: Nope, if she hasn't noticed by now what's the point.
by Upin Urmum September 15, 2021
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