It' all relative when it comes to women's perceptions of penis size. If her first boyfriend had a 3 inch hard prick and then her next one has a 5 inch long dick, then she think it's a "big penis". Likewise, if her first boyfriend had a thick 8 inch long schlong and the next guy has a 7 incher (which is really scientifically within the 90th percentile for size), she won't think it's a "big penis". It all depends on their previous experience.
Whoa! *girls thinks to herself how much bigger his penis is compared to her previous boyfriends*, that's a damn big penis! Must be a foot long!
by Efulitz November 26, 2003
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joe has a big penis.
by emilyyy September 15, 2005
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a big penis is a penis during a boner.
friend1: hey how is your day going?
friend2: good but I had a big penis all day.
by the explainer of all March 31, 2022
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The biggest penis it makes 12 inch penis's look like chodes... a big penis is a strait up 12 foot, ussually black COCK that can never fit all the way in a girl, or guy. Whichever your kinky ass prefers
He has a BIG PENIS. It couldnt even fit all the way in
by Cockatronian December 21, 2018
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It's what you get when you see something really nice.
"Some Famous Female Who Force My Penis To Become The Big Penis."
by G motherfuckin G April 6, 2018
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This anatomical Holy Grail is the source of much strife, immaturity and insecurity amongst younger males with no conception of the inner workings of its female counterpart. In actuality, rigidity is a far more important factor in stimulating the female genitalia than either girth or length. Girth, secondarily, is often said to be noticeably more important than length, provided one possesses at least the length of the girl's longest finger (tiny girls don't require the same proportions that tall girls do).

Five and a half inches is the average length of the American penis, so chances are very good that you have all the equipment you need. Relax, watch some porn, learn how to use what you have.
Sam: "How the hell does Ying get all the girls? He can't have more than four inches!"
Joe: "Cocky bastard knows how it's done, I guess. Wish he'd teach us something... No homo!"
Sam: "Haha, 'no homo' indeed! I still say you need a big penis."
Joe: "Aaaaand that's why you're still a virgin."
Sam: "Shaddap."
by kathairon February 21, 2010
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Women: You have a big penis

Man: All the better to bang you with
by HentaiAnimeOtaku December 26, 2017
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