a smooth type of move; usually related to coach brown (the silkiest, the silk master, silky b, etc.) only queen of peace kids will know
“Oh. My. Goodness. SILKYYYYYYYY!!”
“When Coach Brown threw the frisbee it was so silky.”
by some1person June 3, 2019
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It is another name for a mans durag or head wrap
Josh wears his silky every day to work on his waves.
by bbyadri October 30, 2017
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smooth dude; one who always looks cool no matter what he does.
by anon March 28, 2005
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the epitomy of smoothness. applies to most situations as long as they are handled as pimplike and flawless as humanly possible.
average joe: that community service project was a bitch. i ended up working the night shift at a nursing home every day last week and i only got enough hours for a B grade

silky person: yeah I lied about adopting a street and got an A
by FTWest October 31, 2009
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To be fun and suggestively flirty or sexy. Silkiness is, like its textile namesake, a smooth and easy interaction that is sensual whilst still comfortable.
"That was some silky banter with that hot guy."


Friend A: "Did you get silky last night?"
Friend B: "nope, no action"
by silkatronic October 21, 2010
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A man who, despite being good looking, lacks masculinity. He is often found in trendy urban bars and dance clubs, wearing pastel button-up shirts. He almost always uses "product" to style his hair, and he can't drink for shit.
Dodge: "That guy sure can pull some tail. He's banged 4 different girls in the last week."

James: "Yeah, but he's a fucking silky."

Dodge: "True. Wanna take a shot of well whiskey?"

James: "Sure."
by Dizzy Bizz August 9, 2006
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