Such a cool guy. Very trustworthy and kind. He puts others before himself. If you know a Joel, treat him like your best friend. Because that's who he may become...
Me: I need someone to talk to *calla Joel*
by Abbey Sims November 11, 2019
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Someone who is an amazing friend but also a great friend with benefits.

Enjoys late night drunk hookups.
Has wandering hands.

If you're friends with a Joel, you're very lucky.
You're about to pass out drunk when you realise a joel is in your pants.
by benefitial ben January 24, 2011
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(n.) Joel- The Latin version of the Hebrew name Yo-el, meaning 'Jehova is God' or 'Yahweh is Lord'. The Greek version ,Ioel, has a similar meaning.
This name was possibly derived from the sun god of Ur, Yo`el, during a time of great cultural mixing.

Joel was also the name of a prophet in the To-rah whom warned of the Apocalypse.
"Would you please open your Bibles to the book of Joel."
by Ioel Cohen June 12, 2008
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Joel is the sweetest guy ever,he is great at hip hop and has a great sense of humor.

He will always help you and he will never disappoint you, he is very attractive and loves making people smile.

I have a crush on a dude named Joel...he doesn't know but i love him and i don't know if he's straight IR not but if possible i want to date him...

Joel Andrew if you read this, I Love You
Joel is so amazing
by Noah.Ball October 26, 2018
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The word Joel refers to a young man with ambition and a love of life. He lives for adventure and can never sit still, yet this works to his advantage as he is always able to do two or more things at once while holding the person he cares about near and dear to him. He is witty and intriguing, with a mind like no other and a genuine heart. He strongly believes in loyalty and honesty and is not afraid to admit when he was wrong.
Support him with his likes and hobbies and career goals and he will cherish you forever.
He is the kind of man that will hold you tight throughout the night, and kiss you first thing in the morning.

He is a gemstone among the pebbles.
The handsome and tall Joel made the girls weak at their knees
by Bouncy_bel May 23, 2019
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Joel is an adjective used largely in the Surrey/Hampshire area used to describe a person of God-like qualities or to decribe someone who has just done a God-like act.
To pull a Joel - To stop a lorry thats brakes have been cut

To BE a Joel - To have God-like characteristics in your persona.
by Joel Collett January 16, 2008
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Joel's are always very passionate people, they are the most caring of people. Joel's are very sexy and mysterious, they have a cool sense of style and are very smart! Joel's seem to be very funny people, and can always make you laugh. Joel's make the best boyfriends because when they love someone or something they poor out their heart and soul into them/it. Joel's can be stubborn though, making it hard for them to see other side's of the situation. But all in all, Joel's are a very special find and anyone that knows them is very lucky to be part of their life
girl: joel is such an incredible person
friend: i know, i wish there were more joel's in the world
by cheekybubba April 25, 2011
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