To have the right clothes, in the right place, with the right hoes.
Look at him, Chris is one pimpin' motherfucker!
by ChristineB. November 06, 2003
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This term is often used by some I know as a kind of joke, not implying its obvious reason. Rather than having references to an actual pimp, it's used to describe something that's cool, in style, or amazes the speaker so much they can't think of anything else to say.
"Hey look! have no science homework today!"

"That's pimpin!"
by Kamo February 15, 2004
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To go verbally "work" the ladies. To make new female contacts.
"Shawn spent the night pimpin at da club" or "he on the phone gettin' his pimpin' on".
by Vinizzle September 05, 2003
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something is cool hipp in with the times which makes it pimpin, also nown as bitchin 2.
that car is pimpin, yea i no well bitchin.
by scotty-e January 07, 2004
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