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An Nfl running back that loves skittles
Kenny: Hey Marshawn Lynch what’s your favorite gas station shack?
Marshawn: you should know!
by Kidswillbekids March 28, 2019
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A direction used to confuse people (you’ll understand when you read the sentence below)
Richard (driving a car): so do I turn left?
Frank: right
Richard: ok
Richard *turns right*
Frank: Richard, what are you doing? You were supposed to turn left!
Richard: no, you said right
Frank: no, I meant like you’re right
Richard: well why didn’t you say correct?
by Kidswillbekids October 17, 2019
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Roberto Nevilis made this world so damn painful for inventing homework that stupid teachers should know that nobody is gonna do that shit! Damn sleeping on rusty spikes seems way less painful!
by Kidswillbekids April 21, 2020
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The quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks who fucked up in super bowl xlix by throwing an interception instead of handing it off to Marshawn Lynch.
Seattle native: Were about to win this game
New England Native: ok and if the Patriots win, then you owe me one hundred grand.
Seattle Native: ok not worried about it.
*Throws the interception*
Seattle native: Russell Wilson what the fuck bruh?
New England Native: wooooooooooo lets go!!!!!!
by Kidswillbekids March 27, 2019
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So let’s just say you wanted to buy an apple for $2 and then, some motherfucker tries to sell it to you for $5
That’s a scam
by Kidswillbekids June 06, 2021
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