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What you say when someone says an idiotic question 5 minutes after they graduate from high school.
Ryan: what color was George Washington’s white horse?
Jon: Bruh
by Kidswillbekids May 03, 2019

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The key word to asking out a girl
Boy: hey yo shawty, do you wanna go to the movies with me?
Girl: YES!!!
by Kidswillbekids March 26, 2019

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A Canadian rapper who started from the bottom and used to call you on your cell phone
Drake apparently used to call me on my cell phone, now he calls me on my iPhone 7
via giphy
by Kidswillbekids May 28, 2019

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A gay youtuber who is losing more subs than every Cleveland browns loss ever
James Charles is losing more than the browns in 2017
by Kidswillbekids May 16, 2019

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A singer that everyone has heard of
Doug: did you see Beyoncé at the grammy’s last night?
Clay: who is Beyoncé?
Doug: how do you not know who the fuck Beyoncé is???
by Kidswillbekids April 20, 2019

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A boner
You have a hard

Oh motherfucker!!!
by Kidswillbekids May 21, 2019

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The Nigga who invented homework
Roberto Nevilis made this world so damn painful for inventing homework that stupid teachers should know that nobody is gonna do that shit! Damn sleeping on rusty spikes seems way less painful!
by Kidswillbekids April 21, 2020

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