87 definitions by Kidswillbekids

The best cartoon ever!
Peter: the fat ass dad in gamily guy who works at the brewery.
Lois: the hot attractive mom
Meg: the very unpopular and ugly fat daughter
Chris: the really stupid son that masturbates 24/7
Stewie: the most bad ass baby that’s known to man
Brian: the talking dog
by Kidswillbekids May 31, 2020
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Just because someone is Asian doesn’t mean they’re Chinese
Jimmy: hey look at that Chinese guy
Harold: bruh, he’s been a friend of mine since 1st grade, his name is Jerry and his dad is Japanese and his mom is Korean
by Kidswillbekids July 30, 2019
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It stand for where’s the food
Timmy: Wtf man
Tyrone: Excuse me?
Timmy: It means where’s the food
Tyrone: ohhhhh
by Kidswillbekids May 14, 2019
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When a married man visits his wife’s family and it feels like prison during the visit
Marcus: so I went to see my in laws with my wife
Harold: oh how was it?
Marcus: I never wanna go back
by Kidswillbekids May 17, 2019
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A place where a kid can be a kid
Alex: daddy can I go to Chuck E Cheese
Daddy: nah man we’re going to the club
Alex: but daddy I’m only 7 years old I’m not old enough to go to the club. I wanna go to a place where a kid can be a kid.
Daddy: fine
by Kidswillbekids March 27, 2019
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