The cute half of the relationship, and the definition of cute.
Person 1: bunny is so cute, she's an angel!
Person 2: yeah, she's the cute one.
by Sahara Echo March 20, 2020
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The cuter, hotter, and/or cooler one in a group of siblings, for example the cuter boy of the brothers or the cuter girl of the sisters. Usually used for boys.
Marie:"Hey Sheridan, do you see Scott over there? Isn't he hot?"
Sheridan: "Yeah, but his brother is the cute one."
by Meggy/Phaedra16 December 31, 2010
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Lindsay's perfect guy is a "Cute One". He's simply not just handsome, strong, or sexy. He has a sparkle in his eye when he speaks. A perfect smile, because it's so filled with life. He's also hilarious. And something about him hints at subtle depths. Most of these types are named David.
Goodnight Cute One!!!
by Lesbiantics November 20, 2016
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