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Hait is a word made to describe your current mindset.It is used if you feel like you need to support something a friend said or to show your agreement. It can also work as well as a Hello such as a Goodbye. It's a word with many possible ways for usage that can also be used when you finished a sentence or no more words come to your mind and you just feel like "Hait".
Hait is used to spread positive vibes and is mainly used in Northern Germany by Teenagers in late Highschool.
-Harry: Hait that Party last night was lit!

-Harry: Ey Hait I need your help with the Homework.

-Ago: Do you remember what we had to do for Mr. Christmans Chemistry class?
Harry: Hait, really have no idea...

-Luis: Boys wanna roll up another one?
Harry: Hait!!
by Harry 083 November 02, 2017
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An acronym that stands for How Am I Today.
Dax: Dude Senter, guess what came in the mail. A free meal at Zaxby's.

Senter: I'm pissed, I didn't get one.

Dax: Hait!!!!!!
by BM Jr Jr December 23, 2008
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noun. To describe the cover up of a bad hair cut with hat.
You can tell how good a hairdresser is by the amount of haits leaving from it

Check out the hait on that guy...
by lamsdale May 05, 2011
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The unnatural pause that occurs when you switch from one accent to another, especially when you switch between languages
"This is my daughter, *Nadia Petrova*."
"Wow that hait was a little long"
The words in the asterisks indicate a different accent was used.
by Prostituta May 06, 2014
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