The day it is now. Yesterday is always in the past and even tomorrow will be today when we get there.
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's far off, today is for living. Enjoy it.
by Ceejay44 August 26, 2017
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The current pre-determined expanse of time consisting of 24 hours that is unfolding at the exact moment that your consciousness is expierencing for the first time.
Today is a great day.
by A-person_yay March 28, 2014
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The day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow.
"Today is the day for a living..."
"I have a test today."
by Tsuzuja March 21, 2004
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You seriously don't know what today means?
Or youre wasting ur time bru. It's now. Tha day now. Today..
"Bruh, is it tomorrow yet?"

" Nah mate, it's today "
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Today is a day that is allyaws there... today is today, as it was a year or decade ago! Yestersay was also today, and even tomorow will be named... TODAY!
I went out yesterday (when it was today) and came home earlly in the morning -today ofcourse!
by AIR-Zig January 25, 2008
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