To think positive, to stay positive, to spread positivity.
Person 1: I'm totally going to fail this class
Person 2: You can do it man! Stay positive, remember positive vibes!
by Ysp November 2, 2013
When you feel so good and everything is goin good
I got some positive vibes right now. I feel so good like I am on drugs or something
by Bitchandshit November 10, 2015
Modern catchphrase of popular commentary Youtuber Leafyishere. Made popular by YouTube and Twitter users around early 2016.
Gotta spread them positive vibes.
by mrsmiis March 23, 2016
When someone considers doing cocaine 3 times a week and believing in astrology is a good substitute for a personality.
"Good morning! It's 1pm, what did you get into yesterday?"

"You know how Tuesday's be! I was at the function dancing my ass off, like a typical Libra, all positive vibes last night!"
by Sniffleupagus February 24, 2020