A term popular in the African-American community; the typical hair of those of African decent. It is extremely curly/wavy and described as "nappy" and "kinky." It is unmanagable, and is the opposite of good hair. Someone has "bad" hair if it forms tight "beads" in the back of the head. Those with this type of hair typically dye and fry it with chemicals to get it to look like a white woman's hair.

Note: Most people who use this term would never admit the inferiority complex from which it came.
Little Tymunesha On Playground: "Eww! Look at Porche! She got dat ugly bad hair!!! An' her momma dun gave her a name of a car she can't affor'!"
by Little Lauren May 18, 2005
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Donald Trump has bad hair, looks like cum dried out in the sun, then ironed, then used as toilet paper
by Romeo 69 March 8, 2016
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an African American or white term used to describe white persons with afrocentric hair,
The white guy with the bad hair, was doing circles around the black girl with the good hair
by artifiial nigga February 5, 2018
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when you never have a good hair day
I keep hearing people talking about having a bad hair day. Well, I have a bad hair life
by Una Malachica March 23, 2008
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The not very talented male, possibly homosexual, employee at the barber shop.
A: Do you see the barber in the corner? He cut my hair yesterday.
B: Well, I guess he's really a bad hair gay.
by cumulonimbus April 22, 2010
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A bad hair day is also a day when everything is going bad. It has nothing to do with how one's hair really is, it's just that everything is going wrong. The term "bad hair day" derives from how psycho one feels because everything is going all wrong on a particular day!!
Grabs handsful of hair and tugs in indesperation, "Arrrrrgh!! I'm having such a bad hair day!!"
by Joy January 25, 2005
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