People who have mindset changes can usually see them days in advance, through their dreams. However, what the change of mindset will be remains a mystery until it is experienced.

1. mindset (noun) - outlook towards life (aka CounterStrike)
-(X)I'm just saying that i have a feeling something is going to change my mindset this summer, and i dont know what it is yet.
(Y)Are you trying to say that you are a psychic , but at the same time saying youre not a psychic?
(X)I do have dreams about the future, but it'only several days in advance.
(X)I'm not kidding....

-I'm looking for a change of mindset.
by MTM September 3, 2004
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A high profile member of Fandom_Wank that bit off more than she can chew when she engaged the writer of The Cabbie Homicide where he decided to really lay into her in his five year memoir. The other one from Fandom_Wank was stealing his published material for the Fandom Wank wiki. They though Anne Rice was fierce, the man behind The Fandom Writer equates Fandom_Wank as 'slash writing fags' and had called them pseudo-journalists as he found Mindset's workplace and her real name.
fandom_wank Mindset made her livejournal friends only because of the affair in 2006 where she took aim at the much harder hitting author as he made waves on The House of Pain as she reported on Anne Rice lashing back at shit-reviewers. The piece that took a harsh swipe at slash fanfiction writers. "You're a thief with a word processor." When she was located on in 2007 and confronted; that was the fuel the author needed to fire back in print.
by illinoishorrorman February 13, 2018
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Something that works it's way into your head and creates a false sense of security. Spending time worrying about things that could potentially keep you from reaching your goals.

Mike McCarthy, Head coach of the Green Bay Packers seemingly coined this phrase on 12/30/2010 when asked if his team would have a tendency to let down if the Bears decided to rest their players in the season finale vs. the Packers. He answered the question with ... "That's a "polluted mindset".
When you worry about whether the Chicago Bears will rest their starters in the season finale you run the risk of creating a "polluted mindset" among your team.

When you let a lot of outside influences enter your way of thinking it can create a "polluted mindset". Our football team is very excited to play. It's important for us to clearly stay focused on winning and playing the best that we possibly can for the whole game. It's as simple as that."
by The Family Ghost December 31, 2011
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"To become rich, you must first exploit the poor." The mantra of top osu! player Ryan Kwan, a.k.a. RyuK.
I was hardstuck for fucking ages, but once I adopted the Kwan mindset nothing could stop my improvement.
by 727whenyouReadIt December 18, 2021
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Cheems mindset is the reflexive belief that barriers to policy outcomes are natural laws that we should not waste our time considering how to overcome. The term can also be applied to the same "can't do" attitude in non-policy contexts, including business and science.

The term was coined by Jeremy Driver for his newsletter, Normielisation.
He displayed cheems mindset when he said there wouldn't be vaccines for another five years.
by minionman May 30, 2021
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The mindset of abstaining from the use of drugs and alcohol in order to increase athletic performance and to stay pure in the eyes of God.
James: Hey man have a beer
Marcus: Fuck no bro, I don't roll like that
James: The fuck dude, what's the problem
Marcus: I got a teresi mindset, now get that shit the fuck out of my face
by teresimindset May 17, 2018
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No matter what you do or no matter how many times people tell you, you think you are shit at whatever it is you’re doing.
Avery stop doing that you are starting to use a Jack Mindset.
by Swatboy0915 January 8, 2021
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