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to have consumed food in such a large quantity that you feel your stomach is very full, to the point of almost or beyond the point of feeling nauseous.
"I'm so stuffed, I couldn't possibly get another piece of that delicious cake down."
by ts3 October 22, 2005
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To eat more then is needed and to
Produce a massive stomach
Lewis and Sam had just finished a massive 4 course meal and were leaning back in their chairs, belts undone and buldging stomachs pushe outwards.
Lewis let out a loud bleach and rubbed his massive stuffed gut
gluttoney food baby
by ethansawsome2002 June 13, 2016
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To slap the shit out of the basketball after a person shoots the ball.
Denver: I'm so fucking good at basketball

Zack: Shut the fuck up, I stuffed the shit out of you
by Shane Whitey May 31, 2012
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