to have consumed food in such a large quantity that you feel your stomach is very full, to the point of almost or beyond the point of feeling nauseous.
"I'm so stuffed, I couldn't possibly get another piece of that delicious cake down."
by ts3 October 22, 2005
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"dude we're stuffed."
by stargirl March 14, 2004
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3.if someone its being a tool you simply say "get stuffed" instead of get fucked.
1. "i just had a 4 hour long session with my missus im stuffed"
2. "i ate that whole chritmas turkey im stuffed"
3. Tool: hey asshole get the hell of my wife.
You: get stuffed
by btf'07' December 21, 2007
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1. Used to describe a girl’s thickness
2. Used to describe a woman’s mature beauty

Originated from North Jersey, coined by F.C.
1. You saw the butt on that girl, man, she is stuffed!
2. -I liked her latest Instagram, she was lookin’ stuffed!
-Nah girl, she’s cute, but you know who’s stuffed? Marion Cotillard. Now THAT’S a stuffed face.
by FCDC November 29, 2017
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to stuff your bra with something to make your breasts look bigger
"Her breasts looked so big, she must have stuffed"
by Mamimi July 23, 2004
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