Someone very generous, and dedicated to the healing of the world. Or, if you want, someone who gives a shit about the planet.
Michael Jackson is an humanitarian : he gave ALL HIS PROFITS from the Victory tour and the BAD Tour to charities; he basically worked for free, so he could heal the world.
Michael Jackson wrote "We are the world" to raise money for Africa; it was the most popular and successful charity of the eighties.

Michael was certified the "MOST GENEROUS ARTIST IN THE WORLD" by the Guiness Book of World Records", giving out more than 500 MILLIONS in charities in his life. He is still giving out 20% of his fortune today every year as he wished, according to his will.
by onptls November 20, 2011
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The true meaning, to eat humans.

Another word for cannibal (or cannibalism).
1. If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

2. In the movie "Hannibal", Anthony Hopkins plays a humanitarian: Hannibal Lecter.
by psyced July 17, 2008
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People who feel sorry for certain people, and find pleasure and a sense of significance in taking care of them. Some humanitarians use private, voluntary means to help others while other humanitarians prefer to use the State to force the general public to fund their efforts.

Humanitarians tend to view humans as innately good and kind. They want to facilitate whatever each person wants to do, no matter what it may be. They enjoy a sense of paternalism as they provide for and protect their wards. This tendency might be appropriate at times but can easily drift into a subtle form of control and dominance.

Humanitarians cannot believe that people are naturally selfish and sadistic. They tend to hold a pollyannish view of criminals and attempt to mitigate their punishment. They hate to see anyone suffer pain under any circumstances.

Humanitarians have a hard time concentrating their affection on a limited set of people, such as their family or their community. They seem emotionally restless and transient. They continually seek out new people to befriend and help without ever settling into a committed, intimate relationship with any one person or group in particular.

Utilitarians, followers of the Social Gospel, collectivists, and the political left each find their roots in humanitarianism. The origin of humanitarianism is likely to be found in a certain reading of the Bible and understanding of Christianity that emphasizes unilateral forgiveness, charity, and the brotherhood of all humans. Such a view tends not to be balanced by a clear understanding of human depravity, and the fact that Eden will not be restored on the Earth until Jesus returns and creates a new Earth with spiritually regenerated people.
"Someone is at the door asking for money to help the poor."
"Oh, it's that humanitarian who is trying to save the world, one person at a time."
Months later...."It is the IRS knocking without a warrant. They are threatening to seize our home because we underpaid our taxes by 22 cents. They need the money for their government give-away programs run by some humanitarian who prefers to steal other people's money rather than donate the money himself."
by Tex in Tex January 28, 2008
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a humanitarian is a person that loves things people do or say and show that they love it either emotionally or phyiscally.
Steven is a humanitarian when it comes to a girl giving pleasure.
by Steven McFarland September 27, 2009
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Examples of things that are humanitarian: AIDS, rap music, Nelson Mandela, slavery.
by tokoro November 10, 2009
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One who admirably cares for and donates time, talent and/or treasure towards the ongoing welfare and concern of humanity.

Michael Jackson

It is believed that Michael Jackson gave upwards of $300 million dollars throughout his lifetime to charities and organisations to improve and advance the lives of others.

He is also listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as the celebrity who has donated financially to the most number of charities - 29 in all.

He also visited hospitals and orphanages during his concert tours, donating equipment and money to improve the conditions for both the children and the staff.

He also regularly invited and hosted sick, terminal and under-privileged children to his Neverland home so they could spend a day enjoying the park free from the everyday care and concerns of their lives.
Michael Jackson embodied what it means to be a human being and he shows us an excellent example of how we should take care of one another in whatever capacity and means we are able.

Michael Jackson gave all of his earnings from the Victory and Dangerous Tours to charity.
He always thought of others less fortunate than himself.
by LovetheLight October 28, 2012
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