Nadia means hope. Whenever she is in anyones life she brings hope. Nadia’s have beautiful smiles and eyes that hypnotic any colour you just get lost in her windows to her soul. She is kind, loyal, effortlessly sexy, cute, cheeky & funny, down to earth and empathetic and when people treat her unkindly she has no problems cutting you off and leaving you wondering why? She is cold when hurt, on the bright side Nadia is so forgiving and is able to love in due time she feels she is able to trust, Nadia is vary of people and their intentions that’s why she treats others the same way she likes to be treated so that this rarely happens, she knows the world is corrupt, but she trusts in the Lord father and believes everyone is kind it’s just people are being brainwashed by the world. Nadia is naturally beautiful inside and out and likes her me time, Also being a social butterfly she’s in between. Nadia has a lot of admirers men want to talk to her but scared to be rejected and also women who either want to be her friend or be Nadia because she is very confident and knows what she likes and dislikes. Nadia’s are wise and cry sometimes they are very strong women. Nadia’s love to laugh, cry, eat and are very adventurous in the bedroom and also outdoors. Nadia’s lifestyle is spiritual and believes that it feeds every aspect of their lives mind, body, emotion & soul. Nadia’s love to travel around the world and learning about different cultures.
Nadia’s are a gift from God, you are blessed to have a Nadia in your life. 🙏🏾🤎
by Lovelove24 November 23, 2021
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Nadia will be your best friend forever and a great girlfriend she is kind funny and super quirky and absolutely stunning you don’t even know how beautiful she is inside and out but she will only show her weird side if she is comfortable with you she is also super shy and a great listener and if you get a Nadia in your life never do anything to let her go because if you do you might never get her back
Person one: “have you met Nadia she is super nice and really pretty too”!
Person two: “no but I have seen her around I think I’ll go talk to her she is stunning too”!
by Girliiieee December 24, 2020
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Nadia will be your best friend forever and a great girlfriend or wife. She is kind, funny and super amazing. You don’t realise or know how beautiful she is inside and out!! but she will only show her weird side if she is comfortable with around you. She is also super shy and a great listener. A Nadia is very different to most girls, she’s very ambitious and independent. When she puts her mind to things she can achieve anything. If you come across a Nadia.. never let her go she is so down to earth.
Dammn nadia is soo cute and beautiful…. I want to marry her🥰
by FIfi03 November 23, 2021
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the most amazing, beautiful girl. Her smile lights up any room she walks into. Absolutely GORGEOUS. She is so lovely and her brown eyes are like honey in the sun. She has one dimple and will never fail to make you laugh. She's a little awkward in a cute way; if she cares about you, but once she gets to know you she is the most caring, passionate, and loving person. She has the best music taste and will always try to make you happy. I could get lost in her eyes, they pierce right into your soul. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has feelings for her, she makes everyone catch feelings. She always wears jewelry and has an amazing sense of style. She is the best kisser and she loves to dance. Her favorite food is ramen, and she loves art and poems. She is honestly the most amazing person I have ever met.
by yoursecretadmiarer April 30, 2022
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A person who will fuck you up if you mess with her friends and/or family. Caring and likes animals. Smart. Passionate about certain things.
Nadia is very unique
by Humanity Sucks May 14, 2021
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Nadia is a person who will always benefit you in your life. Someone who is beautiful and caring. Se will always want to hang out with you, even if she has plans already. She is funny, has a very nice smile and she is kind. Even if she doesn't know she is beautiful, everyone knows that she is. She is shy in public, but alone, she is herself.
Nadia is the best thing that ever happened to me.
by thomas_channey January 17, 2023
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A beautiful, sweet, kind, loving girl who is all about peace. She is a best friend, daughter, sister, mother, cousin and much more! Nadia wants everyone happy.
Nadia would always want to give you the best advice.

I miss my Nadia.
by Leavethepast April 9, 2013
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