She’s very hot and so cool
Some people may gossip abt her but it’s just because no one could live without her
Men even women likes her whether they realize it or not
Not to mention she’s also really nice and caring

In conclusion, Nadia is the hottest and finest thing to be alive 😋😋
you : damn bro Nadia is so hot I wanna marry her 😳
by definitely not Nadia July 13, 2021
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Nadia is the most amazing person ever, She's so cute and precious and everyone loves her. She's super kind and has a very giving heart. She's the kind of girl that gets song written about them. She's also really funny and has good vibes overall, she cheers up all her friends always with her funny jokes and amazing sense of humour. She deserves the world and more. She's also the best valorant player alive, Top 1 Radiant EU and in the world.
Person 1 : Omg is that Nadia?
Person 2 : No way!!, Nadia??? you mean the most amazing person ever???
Person 1 : Yes, indeed
by SussyBakka1998 July 15, 2021
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Nadia will be your best friend forever and a great girlfriend she is kind funny and super quirky and absolutely stunning you don’t even know how beautiful she is inside and out but she will only show her weird side if she is comfortable with you she is also super shy and a great listener and if you get a Nadia in your life never do anything to let her go because if you do you might never get her back
Person one: “have you met Nadia she is super nice and really pretty too”!
Person two: “no but I have seen her around I think I’ll go talk to her she is stunning too”!
by Girliiieee December 23, 2020
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Nadia will be one of the funniest,craziest,most loving person you will ever meet.But dont get on her bad side because she is not afraid to tell you out in front of everyody.She protects her friends,like there her blood.Shes super dramatic but the toughest person ever.She will easily fuck u up so be careful.
I miss Nadia.
by Lol_0 April 22, 2017
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Russian: Hopeful
Arabic: Moist, tender, delicate
Swahili: Caller
HISTORY: Variant of NADYA used in the Western world, as well as a variant transcription of the Slavic name. It began to be used in France in the 19th century. The name received a boost in popularity from the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci (1961-).
USAGE: French, Italian, English, Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian
PRONOUNCED: NA-DYA (French), NAD-yə (English), NAHD-yə (English), NA-dyə (Russian)
Hello, my name name is Nadia.
by Aaron Jürgens November 27, 2017
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