to get your flatbend sorted. (search flatbed)
chris "andrew you better get a repair"
andrew copp "i like my flatbed"
chris "hows that working for you?"
andrew copp "i think well"
by chineese man February 10, 2008
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The time during which a girl/guy is getting over some kind of sexual illness/injury and can't or won't have sex.
Julie's yeast infection was horrific. She was closed for repairs for so long, her boyfriend demanded a slurpee!
by ltlredvxn June 1, 2005
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the inverse of "jungle fever"; when a black person is attracted to a white person, either for sexual, romantic or financial interests.
hey, you know jaquaivius is dating suzie, right? he's got that credit repair going on.
by methodist therapist February 4, 2011
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A ghetto repair is sometihng repaired using simple tools and or stuff just laying around, its a quick easy fix that doesnt last long and sure isnt pretty.
"hey did you see what matt did to his car?"

"ghetto repair man"
by Sneakeh August 1, 2005
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I hear Julie’s gone in for some emergency Bush Repair, apparently her Labia was hanging on her knees. The surgeon said it was a big job.
by Pitman Poet November 12, 2020
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A cheap and easy way to repair something usually by using household items.
A ghetto repair can be described as using duct-tape for almost everything, garbage sacks as car windows, or bungie cords to keep your bumper attached to your car.
by Kevin Deck June 4, 2006
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