When you spelled "something" wrong like a dumbass.
Really you spelled "somthing" wrong go think about your life choices.
by Mystery Womble March 20, 2018
It come from hebrew, when someone wonts to say to another thet he is good or great.
Someone: "How I was ? "
You : " You was somthing somthing ! "
by Eli Pachisker August 8, 2005
A reply given when you care not to give your honest opinion.
Frank: Dude, how do you like my new hair cut?

Other Frank: "Its...somthing"
by Tbonepope January 24, 2011
Somthing you say when you hear a noise out of the ordinary. When said you should usually sound like Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy.
"Did you hear something?"
"I think I heard somthing"
"Maybe you should check it out?"
"Mmmmm I think, I should."
by JooliaInWonderland March 5, 2008
Mario: Marios gonna make sure you never a-walk again. You took my a-speget now i-ma hit a your kneecaps backwords with a basball bat, WAHOO
Give me my speget or marios gonna do somthing very illegal
by HAHAnonono January 20, 2022
A phrase for someone who does nothing when action is neccesary.
person A:John,your PC is on fire.don't freeze like that and do somthing!
person B:*petrified
by headphone-user October 25, 2017