When you spelled "something" wrong like a dumbass.
Really you spelled "somthing" wrong go think about your life choices.
by Mystery Womble March 20, 2018
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It come from hebrew, when someone wonts to say to another thet he is good or great.
Someone: "How I was ? "
You : " You was somthing somthing ! "
by Eli Pachisker August 08, 2005
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A reply given when you care not to give your honest opinion.
Frank: Dude, how do you like my new hair cut?

Other Frank: "Its...somthing"
by Tbonepope January 23, 2011
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Somthing you say when you hear a noise out of the ordinary. When said you should usually sound like Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy.
"Did you hear something?"
"I think I heard somthing"
"Maybe you should check it out?"
"Mmmmm I think, I should."
by JooliaInWonderland March 05, 2008
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A phrase for someone who does nothing when action is neccesary.
person A:John,your PC is on fire.don't freeze like that and do somthing!
person B:*petrified
by headphone-user October 25, 2017
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