A baby girl. A cute and tender lil girl
Naa would u like to eat
by John Arthur December 10, 2018
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Some people have it in their name

Ex) Caroline Naa Charles
by Imthecreaterofclingy December 16, 2019
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No Ass Assiciation.

People (usually girls) who have no asses (completely flat on the ass area) and join to rebel against those with asses.

A group of people without asses.
You have no ass man, you should join the NAA.

Look at those NAAs over there.
by anythingbutkatharine June 26, 2005
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naa means :


we use it :
:JJ: : Hey, thanks for the help at maths test yesterday..

jeenaa* : Naa, see you tomorrow. :)
by naja* October 29, 2007
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North American Arms, manufacturer of tiny, palm-sized .22 single-action revolvers and most recently auto-loading pistols in .32 and .380. High quality, stainless steel and pocket-size.
The NAA mini-revolver would not be considered a doom cock.
by Dr. Badwrench April 5, 2008
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Secret undercover word to talk about tits with your boys when a girl is around
See that girls naas yo. Whoo, they couldn't fit in that top. What honey. Naw we're talkin about sport.
by Quiz February 14, 2005
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The NAA is an anagram representing the "No Affiliation Association", an organization of unlike minded and extremely loosely affiliated individuals founded on January 10, 2010.

The hierarchy of the club is ever changing as their are no rules for entry and anyone may choose any position they like, with the understanding that titles mean absolutely nothing.
I guess they let anyone in the NAA, whatever, individuals unite!
by hulietta January 24, 2011
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