Guy 1: Am I breaking the 4th wall right now?
Guy 2: idk.

Guy 1: I think I may be.
by SeeS May 13, 2014
Someone who is forced everyday in his life to be an example in Urban Dictionary definitions.
He wants to be free.
He also has a brother, Guy 2.
It is said that he is used in every example in a sentence in Urban Dictionary.
Guy 1: I can't!
Urban Dictionary writer: Give an example of the definition!
Guy 1: No....
Urban Dictionary writer: Then I will delete you from this text if you can't.
Guy 1: NO! Okay I'll do it!
Urban Dictionary writer: Good.
He always gets to be first. Damn you first guy
Guy 1: Haha im first
Guy 2: Why are you always first :(
by hahalolxddd February 6, 2020
Kind of a chad, always up in some shit on here. When you see his name somewhere, you know something crazy is about to go down
Guy 1: hey it's me
Guy 2: that's so meta
by 99coronasonawall March 19, 2020
Every word (almost) everyone uses on a demo of how to use a word
Guy#1: im bored
Guy#2: go to urbdic you lame dipshit
guy 1: does anybody?... help...
guy -1: hello there, how does it feel to be lost and forgotten?
by guywithaspoon February 9, 2022
Seemingly in every Urban Dictionary definition. Not sure how they’re not worldwide famous
Guy 1 and Guy 2 in unison: Hi everyone, it’s Guy 1 and 2 and we’re famous on this website because examples are hard
by nlolhere June 25, 2020